A Handful of Happiness and Pride


A sunny Sunday and up early reading the Time Out film reviews to see if anything would tempt us to the movies. Yes! We would go and see Pride at the Brixton Ritzy, where we even managed to snaffle a couple of free tickets thanks to my best pal’s annual patronage of Picturehouse Cinemas and especially their new movie theatre, coming soon to East Dulwich. We were served by a delightful girl behind the counter who advised she had seen the film yesterday and she promised much laughter and tears. She said we would love it and she wasn’t wrong. […]

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Pay What You Want

white sails and blue skies

In the fullness of time, when my own financial ship comes sailing back into port, I plan to turn my entire business model over to PWYW – Pay What You Want. This is a movement which is growing in popularity worldwide and it means everyone can afford to work with me as their coach/mentor whatever their current financial circumstances. And it also means that those doing well can decide what our work together is worth to them and reward me accordingly. I already offer my ebooks on this basis and the experiment is one of absolute trust in total abundance […]

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I’ll Show ‘Em! A Red Rag To This Entrepreneurial Bull


A few years back I decided I was going to grow tomatoes. A friend had grown some tiny tomato plants from the seeds of another, real tomato and a second friend had been given some free tomato plants. And so it sort of fell to me to provide the real estate, the grow bags, the compost and the sunny fence – and to hold the vision. At several stages after I was committed, but before the plants were actually dug in, I received a lot of advice about growing tomatoes, mainly in a negative vein. ”Oh, we’re not doing it […]

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100 Gratitudes: What I Learned About My Own Entrepreneurship


A friend and colleague challenged me to participate in Dr Robert Holden’s 100 Gratitudes.  I accepted with alacrity, as is my wont, and then repented at leisure, as is also my wont, when I worked out how time-consuming it would be for me to fully participate. Then I sulked for a bit, resentful of the ‘work’ I had taken on. Then – as luck would have it – I leaped out of bed on a Sunday morning, early, and they all just flowed out of me. Gorgeous when that happens, when I allow. As I prefer to write everything online, I […]

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Business Lessons For Entrepreneurs


Some weeks the business lessons come thick and fast. Despite having been in business for myself for nearly forty years, I still continue to learn every day. There’s no such thing as being “done”, knowing everything you need to know. Everything changes all the time, we have to keep flexible and with at least one eye open for opportunity. Here are a dozen business lessons which have shown up recently for me and my colleagues and clients. 1. Look after you, because without you there is no business. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a proper holiday, or […]

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Decisions, Decisions


We all have the propensity to procrastinate when it comes to decisions. When listening to another person’s problems, it’s all too obvious what they should do – and pronto, and yet supporting them to find a way through can be challenging. So many of the decisions we need to make look easy in another’s life but impossible in our own. And those sorts of decisions can only be made by us and only when we’re good and ready. Should I start yet another new business or just focus on the one in hand? Can I love someone and let them go? Is bankruptcy really my […]

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How To Be An Overnight Business Success


When I was interviewing a business colleague who designs and makes websites, he reminded me of something I know very well but it was good to hear it come out of the mouth of another small business owner. He said that now he had been in business for six years he gets plenty of word-of-mouth referrals, enough to make a truly significant contribution to his business. He may even have said “of course”. Certainly that was his implication – that it was natural and normal and a fact of his business life now. And all he has to do to […]

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Step Away from the Machine


I notice that I get increasingly good results in my day-to-day goings on if I step away from the machine altogether from time to time. My natural inclination is to sit over the steaming laptop during every waking moment, dotting Is, crossing Ts, keeping on top of emails and controlling, controlling, controlling. If there were room for another Fat Controller in the world, I would be she, no audition required, my record speaks for itself. I like to sweat the small stuff, the big stuff and all varieties of stuff in between. I know that when I’m in charge all […]

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Happy Lives Happy Businesses

Woman and young girl embracing outdoors smiling

It is obvious to me again today, from the weekly check-ins of my clients in the Club 100, that we need to choose happy lives first in order to be able to create happy businesses. Clients are choosing to work much shorter days so that they can prioritise their health, their family and their hobbies and interests. They are choosing effortlessness and ease. They are intending to manifest space and love and money in the bank while choosing to ‘carry on feeling awesome’. They are exploring their higher purpose and electing to inhabit their ‘zone of genius’. All their words, […]

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