Balancing Your See Saw

See Saw

When I was little we used to go to the swings and slides in the park and there would always be a see saw. A see saw then was a plank of wood, balanced in the middle, and you and your friend (or you and your brother or sister) would sit on either end and each take it in turns to push off the ground with your feet, one of you would be down on the ground and the other up in the air, or you’d be travelling between the two. That was what passed for fun in the Fifties. […]

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My Favourite Ways to Begin the Business Day

Laptop on Kitchen Table with Cup of Coffee

Here are my favourite ways to begin the Business Day. A cup of coffee and a prospective new client A cup of coffee and a new client A cup of coffee and an old client A cup of coffee. I make it myself using my Nespresso machine; I am one of South London’s finest baristas (little known fact). Recording the podcast with Nicola Time to think; something is unexpectedly re-scheduled for later in the day, giving me time to start slowly for a change, catch up on Facebook, gaze out the window, sit in my nightie, idle a bit, there’s […]

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Excavating Your Big Why


Today we recorded the next episode of our podcast which goes live this Friday, 20th February 2014. Client challenge of the week concerns Excavating Your Big Why. Several of my clients are grappling with this right now which is why I thought it might be helpful to bring it to my discussion with Nicola, and for us to explore it together. It is my belief, which means it is true for me but not necessarily for all of my clients, that we all know – Deep Down – what we would love to be doing. Call it Your Big Why if […]

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Running Your Own Business is Easy, Any Idiot Can Do It

Easy Button

Running your own business is easy, any idiot can do it. No, really. You don’t have to take a test to run your own business. That’s demonstrates how little damage you can do. Just like having a baby. There’s no test to do that either, though perhaps there should be. You have to take a test to do almost anything else in this world; drive a car, leave school, go to university, become a hairdresser or an accountant or a massage therapist. But you don’t have to pass any tests to run your own business, however much regulation and nanny […]

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What to Expect When You Work with This Business Coach/Mentor


What should you expect when you work with a business coach/mentor? No idea! But I do know what you can expect when you work with this one. So, here goes… We’ll always start with a 1-2-1 induction call in which I can find out all about you. I’ll ask you to tell me all about yourself and all about your business, the one in which it is intended we will work together, at least initially. First time around I will want to know all sorts of details I will probably not need or use but which help me build up a […]

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Small Business Expert – This Gun’s for HIre


Do you have an online platform which provides small business expertise to your clients? Would you like to add value to their membership? If so, I’d love to help. I am a Small Business Expert. Let’s talk! *** I’ve been self-employed for over 40 years, firstly as an accountant and then as a small business mentor and coach. I have helped thousands of small businesses with starting, growing, managing, replicating and selling their entrepreneurial ideas, marketing and making money. I am an expert in small businesses of all different types and in the business of being self-employed. I really love to […]

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Weekly Accountability Means Stuff Gets Done – in the End!


Mondays are weekly check-in days for my clients in Club 100. My Mondays belong to you. Firstly you are encouraged to send in a weekly report picking a couple of things you will do this coming week over and above normal business workload. These are the things which count, which make a difference when you get them done. And then you are to report back next week and tell us how you got on, and pick a couple more things if all of last week’s got DONE or bring them forward, if not. We are on a roll right now […]

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Memoirs: Adventures in Life and Business


Often my favourite books are memoirs, especially the adventurous kind, whether that adventure be in business or in life, mainly the latter. On the podcast, Nicola suggested I write a blog post sharing my favourite ones. Here it is. [Challenges are the name of the game on the podcast right now. This week? Whistling!] Expecting Adam by Martha Beck A true story of birth, transformation and unconditional love. How Martha’s life was transformed from the moment of the conception of her extraordinary son Adam. Expect miracles. I’ve read this twice and it holds a special place in my heart. Boy, […]

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The True Cost of a Free Lunch


You’ll be familiar with the expression “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. And I am grateful to one of my clients for prompting me this week to think about what is free and what comes with a price tag attached, whether or not you can see it yet. Last week, in my newsletter, I offered readers a chance to experience their first month in Small Business Big Magic for free. My job when marketing my coaching and mentoring services is to constantly try to find new ways to get people to try it, so that they can work out how valuable it […]

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