Say No to Wrong

The Power of No by James Altucher

I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of temptations to say yes to what’s wrong for me. Emails from people who think I can help them Emails from people who think they can help me Marketing which creates desire for something I never knew I wanted or needed Temptations to spend money on all the wrong things Opportunities to waste time and energy on thankless draining tasks and people I find this all much harder now in 2014 than ever before. It didn’t happen much when I was an accountant but it happens much more often now […]

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Small Business Success Comes “Out of the Blue”


Most weeks clients tell me of successes which have come to them “out of the blue”. Mostly it doesn’t happen like that, it just seems like it. They are being accidentally modest. They have done something, whether they realise it or not. The things they’ve been doing to create these results fall broadly into these categories according to my monitoring of my clients’ activities and my own personal experience: 1. Cosmic ordering and manifesting like a good ‘un (allow +/- 48 hours) 2. Working really hard in a focused way (allow +/- 3 years) 3. Some combination of the above […]

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Dare You Let Yourself Trust in Unlimited Flow?

Inner Tube in Swimming Pool

Do you love to swim? I love the turquoise water, me. Because my parents lived in Malta in the Sixties when I was just a teeny tiny girl, I was always a little water baby from the get go. I love swimming and learned to trust the water at a very early age; in fact, I never remember not trusting it, it’s a fact in my life and it feels like I was born knowing that. No fear was instilled in me. Water is a medium in which I have infinite trust. I know that whilst I must respect the […]

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Abundance is a Choice

Abundance by Wayne Dyer

The results of the research I’ve carried out in the company of some other travellers in the jungles of time and space this summer at AbundanceFest are in. As with so many other things in life, abundance is a choice. Even when you think you have no choice over something which may be going on in your life or work, you still have the opportunity to choose how you will think about it – with abundance or scarcity, love or fear. Wednesday night saw our final group call, a round-up of all we had learned. We were a tad philosophical; […]

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My Love List


I was chatting to a coaching colleague last night. We had a very interesting conversation about which more in a later blog post. I was telling her about what I have found to be the two most powerful chapters (so far) in Pam Grout’s latest book E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig. Firstly, let me caution you. If you haven’t heard of Pam Grout before, I suggest you don’t start with this book which is the second in this area. Start with E-Squared which has lots of fun experiments to get you […]

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We Are Closed: Life’s Occurring


We are closed round here while life’s occurring. Here are some of the reasons why my clients cannot make as much progress in their business right now as perhaps they’d like: They’ve got family stuff going on, or relationship issues They are poorly They are buying, selling or moving house – or country (!) They are coping with bereavement and grief They are having a baby They are away on holiday They’ve still got a day job Whilst you can, no doubt, in the fullness of time, set up your business so that it works without you, in these early […]

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Wiser Than We Know


Timid, fearful or undecided? I believe we are all wiser than we know and that often we know the answers but seek the reassurance of others before making a final decision. There are often no right answers except your own. So the muscle you are learning to flex and strengthen here is to trust yourself more often. I hardly ever ask anyone else’s opinion. I’d need to be really stuck. I’m not sure why this is. It could be that I don’t know who to ask. It’s definitely because when I see it happen in groups of which I am […]

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A Good Plan or Some Great Intentions?

Business Meeting Notes

Some of my clients want to have A Good Plan. And I understand why, I really do. A Good Plan makes you feel like a proper businesswoman, someone who looks like she knows what she’s doing. You hope it might guide you through your foggy procrastination and be a roadmap out of the headless chicken space we so often occupy when working alone at home, especially those of us used to working in a team in the former day job where we had a boss breathing down our necks and where we had to be productive. I think I’ve only […]

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Sunday Blessings

Choose Happiness

Sunday seems like a good day to count one’s blessings. Er, actually, now that I come to think of it every day is a good day for counting one’s blessings! Today, here are just a few of the infinite number of blessings in my life that I am choosing to appreciate in this moment. My health I am grateful that I don’t have to think about my health all that much which gives rise to the risk of taking it for granted. I do not. I feel very blessed indeed that I am strong and healthy and emotionally robust. My […]

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