JUDITH2Hello! Judith Morgan here, the Small Business Oracle. I’m a serial entrepreneur, business owner, blogger and podcaster and I’ve been working with clients and their small businesses for yearly 40 years now, firstly as their accountant and more recently as their business coach and mentor.

I work alone at home and my ideal client does too. Is that you? If so let me introduce you to some Big Magic for your Small Business, all designed to help you create a living doing what you love.

I do that via my group mentoring program Small Business Big Magic which includes an initial personal induction call, just you and me, then your entitlement to attend any of the abundance of 90 minute drop-in calls each month, plus membership of a really inspiring and creative online community of others just like you.

I will share with you the accumulated wisdom of decades in business for myself and everything I’ve learned along the way about successful self-employment, so you can enjoy all the benefits I share with my private clients at a fraction of the price.

Imagine a place where you can…

  • Get immediate access and talk to an expert (who is also a warm and real human) being about the problems and challenges you face every day in creating your own small business, and get help in finding ways to get paid for doing what you love
  • Belong to a small community of others just like you, dedicated to their own growth and supporting you in yours
  • Get answers to your questions – fast! – and ask for opinions too, to help you make up your own mind
  • Find accountability and focus, where people notice (and care) if you don’t meet your promises to yourself.
  • Gain confidence in yourself and learn everything you don’t yet know about being a solopreneur
  • Find support while you make the leap from the day job, shifting your mindset from employee to self-employed and all the freedoms which come with that
  • Master your fears, find focus, and get help with decision-making
  • And receive individual business advice, consultancy, mentoring and coaching at a price you can easily afford, just £75 a month for the life of your membership, or £750 a year. Your personal business adviser on retainer for as long as that’s valuable to you

There are three simple elements to membership, anyone can understand:

  1. 1-2-1 personal induction on Skype
  2. 10 x 90 minute drop-in calls each month, timed to suit all global time zones and plenty of time for you to talk and get your own needs met
  3. 24/7 friendly and really useful Facebook group

You don’t need to imagine it!

It already exists and it’s called Small Business Big Magic and we are keeping a seat warm for you.