7 Random Facts About Me


I made the schoolgirl error of liking Lotte’s post on Facebook and now I’m tagged to share 7 Random Facts About Me, Myself and I. 1. Pink is my favourite colour. It always was, but I didn’t confess it to the world and out myself until mid-way through my forties because all my friends and lovers were cool and trendy monochrome Londoners. The good friend who encouraged me wholeheartedly in this pursuit because he got it and loved it (and so eventually then did I) was Nigel Sutcliffe, who I got to know when he was General Manager at The […]

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Judith -v- The Norovirus


Judith -v- The Norovirus. David -v- Goliath. Spoiler alert… Judith won, but only just. It was touch and go there for a few days and if you were betting on this match? Put your money on Nora, no question. I’ll confess. This time last week I didn’t know what the norovirus was and if you have had no first-hand experience of it (lucky you), I pray you’ll never find out. I’d heard of it, of course I had.  The God’s honest truth is that I don’t really understand what any sort of virus is at all and when I ask […]

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Miracles Report: Week One

Miracles Happen

No sooner had I decided that 2015 would be my year of miracles than I was overwhelmed with miraculous happenings and manifestations all around me. Even as I was collecting together this week’s miracles last night to share with you today, I received an email I wasn’t supposed to see since I don’t do emails after 6 p.m. anymore you know. But somehow, accidentally, I had Outlook open. The first recording session for our podcast in 2015 was on New Year’s Eve and I told Nicola that my word of the week was miracles. I told her it was also my word of the year. […]

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Self-Care New Year


It’s back to business school today for my clients, the first day of our spring term. We are all keen as mustard. I tickled up both my groups over the weekend and asked how they were feeling in Small Business Big Magic and encouraged all the members of Club 100 to send in their weekly reports today, as is our wont on Monday mornings. Not everyone does all of those all of the time but I thought after two weeks off, we should start today as we mean to go on. A theme emerged in the written reports, one I’m […]

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Justina Hart: Novelist, Poet and Short Story Writer

Justina Hart

My first client in the spotlight in this new year is novelist, poet and writer Justina Hart. Here she is in her own words (and how appropriate is that?). “I’m a novelist, an award-winning poet and short story writer, a copywriter, and online writing tutor. I earned my living for many years as a freelance journalist and roving commissioning editor working at newspapers like the Guardian. Some of the best moments in life come from those out-of-the-blue things you never expected to do. For me, these have included running a half-marathon, driving a Suzuki jeep halfway round Kenya while helping […]

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2015 Intentions


Following on from yesterday’s post where I reviewed 2014, here are my 2015 intentions. I AM a person who used to multi-task, but no more. It is considerably less efficient than it looks and leads to exhaustion, burnout and is the enemy of living in and enjoying each and every moment. I am Zen, me. I AM journaling daily in handwriting, specifically around My Year of Miracles [and I am looking for just 10-12 people to walk with me on that spiritual journey. Join today and start tomorrow on 1st January or start anytime during January and there’ll still be time for […]

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2014 Review

Time for Review

On 1/1/2014 I wrote a post entitled New Year’s Intentions 2014. Here’s my 2014 Review on how I did. 1. Blog every day during 2014. Done. Absolutely delighted and chuffed with myself. 365 blog posts. This is the 365th! 2. Return to juicy green habits. Nope. Not successfully achieved whatsoever, not even close. However, I have got into it again a bit recently, during November and December, so should be pretty easy to crank this one up again pronto, not least because I have 4.5 bags of carrots in my fridge as I type this. 3. This was a two-parter. […]

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Lucky 13 for 2015

Good Luck star

Is 13 your lucky number? Is today your lucky day? One of my happiest coaching and mentoring offerings each year is Lucky 13, and Lucky 13 for 2015 is no exception. “I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.” Brian Tracy This is the third year I’ve offered my Lucky 13 which started in 2013; there seemed to be an obvious connection which inspired me to create it in the first place. What’s really interesting to me is how many people it brought into my life […]

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Nick Dare: Joint (Ad)ventures in Business and Life

Nick dare

Today’s blog guest is Nick Dare who I appreciate in many ways. His sense of humour has given rise to some of the best nicknames I’ve received in 2014 with, I hope, many more to come in 2015; Nick is the master of the nickname. He’s also one of the very few men brave enough to venture inside my Club 100, one of two currently. I love working with men in a mostly female environment. What does that say about them? Only good things to my eyes (ears?). Nick is nothing if not an adventurer, as you will read today… […]

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