Judith Morgan

JUDITH2Hello and welcome to my home online. My name is Judith Morgan.

I started my own accountancy business when I was 22 and sold it in 1997 for a six-figure sum.

My role was to start and grow the business, attract clients, recruit and manage staff, and help and support our small business clients with the same issues, particularly their finances. I was fortunate to enjoy part-time Finance Director roles and relationships – often for many years – with UK entrepreneurs and small businesses, many of whom went on to become household names and celebrities.

Over and above accounting and small business issues, the vital lifeline I provided to my clients was advice, support and wisdom of an empathic and self-development nature, encouraging them to grow as business people as part of having a wonderful life. My raison d’etre is to empower, inspire and uplift so that running your own business and/or having a wonderful life becomes lighter and easier, so that your success and happiness come faster.

In 2002 I discovered coaching and over the next period of my life I built another business which was challenging yet terrifically good fun. I have discovered and partnered with some of the most stimulating colleagues and personal development gurus who have eased and enlightened my own journey. I consider myself very fortunate indeed in this regard, well connected and supported. Theirs is often the wisdom I share alongside my own, born of real-life experience at the coalface of small business ownership.

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