A Spreadsheet in Time


Yesterday a numerate client sent me a spreadsheet in advance of our business mentoring call today. She’s planning on starting a business alongside her day job. As yet, we don’t know what that business will be so we are exploring various possibilities. As I explained to her today, this is quite unusual for me in that most clients come to me after they have started something, or at least they have something in mind. What a good job she did the spreadsheet! It turned out to be a spreadsheet in time because it proved that an idea we both liked […]

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2014: Some of My Favourite Things


Here are some of my favourite things – books, films and TV – from 2014. These I have enjoyed more than the time invested, enjoyment or education or inspiration being paramount. My own personal criterion by which I judge (TV especially) is “Is my life worth more than this?” by which I mean would I be best off switching off and just sitting quietly instead. The following is my shortlist where I was able to answer “No!” and note that I am not recommending those where I feel I have wasted my vital life force. I simply remember my favourite […]

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The End of Christmas Term

Happy Holidays

Today is the end of Christmas term for me, a date self-selected. As I write this, there are still a couple of clients to go and a few bits and bobs to do including a long podcasting session tomorrow and a final brief session with a client on Saturday. I am encouraging all of my clients to have a proper break without keeping one eye on their businesses because I think it will be more refreshing for us all, and I am aiming for a digital detox myself and creating some guidelines around that. And I’ve got some nice things planned […]

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I’m on the Natural Born Coaches Podcast

Natural Born Coaches Podcast with Judith Morgan

I was recently interviewed on the Natural Born Coaches podcast with Marc Mawhinney. He asked some great questions that caused me to share my insights on what it takes to build not just a coaching business, but any business. You can listen at: Natural Born Coaches – episode 31 with Judith Morgan, the Small Business Oracle   Or in iTunes here  After you listen, do leave a comment on it or send me a message to let me know what stood out most for you.

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Shake Things Up for 2015

Your Inner Pilot Light

“If you can’t hear my whispers, you haven’t found your calling, and you’re not noticing the Signs from the Universe that guide your path, give yourself a gift and take a break from your regular life. When you’re caught up in the same everyday routines, stuck in a rut, and running on empty, it’s easy to be comfortably numb so you can’t hear me even when I yell. But when you change your environment, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and shake things up, there’s room for serendipity, my voice may grow louder, and the way may become more […]

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Why Does Kindness Make Us Cry?


Why does kindness make us cry? Let’s explore. When my clients check-in, their reports are full of how hard on themselves they are. I write back, often (but not always) kindly. And it isn’t my intention to be kind per se. It’s my intention to point out how well they’ve done, where they have. And to offer something, anything, which gets them to see things as they appear to me when I am looking in. Other clients chip in kindnesses too, as it appears to them and our reflections are not always the same except in intention. To help the […]

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Small Business Serious or Fun?

Serious or Fun

Is running your own small business serious or fun? It’s a fine balance. You’d have to be away with the fairies to think you could get away without being serious about it, in intent at least, and in the amount of hard and focused work you may or may not choose to put into it. But if it isn’t fun, then it isn’t going to happen for you. My clients won’t do things they have to force themselves to do, at least not for very long they won’t. It’s unsustainable. So I have to find ways to help them find […]

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Use Your Christmas Break Wisely

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

What’s the best way to use your Christmas Break wisely? I’ve decided to take the traditional British fortnight off work at Christmas and am already looking forward to two weeks of lovely downtime. It will be a staycation and I haven’t had a proper holiday since Christmas 2010 so I need to make sure I use the time wisely to re-charge my batteries and rest. Like many of my clients I am tired at the end of a long busy year. And we’ve all been talking about what we’ll do when we get some downtime. What most of us are […]

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Blogging Day 346 out of 365/2014


Today is Blogging Day 346 of 365 days’ straight blogging in 2014. It is 17.15 on Friday 12th December and for the first time this entire year, I have zero idea what to blog about. My mind is absolutely blank which isn’t something a Creator says all that often. I think recording the first three shows in my new podcast with Nicola drained it all out of me today. I need to go for a little lie down. So, what’s on my mind? It was interesting to note that when Nicola asked me in the podcast to think of and […]

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