The Rough with the Smooth

saling man 01

Earlier in my career, taking the rough with the smooth was normal, I expected it. Now, along with all my clients, I want more smooth with my smooth. That’s just the way life seems to be these days, but is it realistic? I don’t think it is, no. So how can we prepare ourselves to be happy enough and find ways to enjoy some rough with our smooth? We’re OK. No matter how much rough has come our way – and I’ve endured plenty – I’m still OK. You’re OK too. Life can be a roller coaster and we get […]

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Who Are You? Paul Tucker, Equilibrium Clinic Lewes

Massage is wonderful

Last week I asked readers of my newsletter to write to me and tell me “Who Are You?” I’ve received about a dozen interesting replies all updating me with where each correspondent is on their entrepreneurial journey. This one, from Paul Tucker of the Equilibrium Clinic Lewes, came in the form of a story so I asked Paul if I could publish it and he gave me permission. If you are on my newsletter list and haven’t yet got around to writing to me, I hope to hear from you. Do write. Love, Judith x Thank you Judith for your […]

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Automate Everything

pink iPad

Notice the chores you perform every day in your work. Do you need to be doing those, or could someone else or something else be doing them for you? What sort of help do you need with the repetitive tasks? The help could be human, but today I’m really talking about gizmos and geeky stuff. If you have a business which uses the internet, you will know that you can automatically take money and invoice your clients for their purchases. How much tedious admin would that take off your own shoulders? Any and all businesses these days must take advantage […]

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Your Strategic Objective: A Detailed Business Plan

Making A Plan

Once you’ve got clear on WHY you are doing it, you might like to consider creating a very specific business plan, which the folks at E-Myth call your Strategic Objective. This details what your business will look like and when. What do you have to achieve in your business? How many people will you need performing what functions? Where? What will you call your business, and where will you base it?  What property and facilities will you need? How many clients will use your business and what will their customer experience be? What will your proud boast be, what will […]

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Your Primary Aim: Your Big Why


Do you know WHY you want to create a business to love? When I run workshops based around Creating a Business to Love, using E-Myth techniques, I ask you to paint your Primary Aim and to get in touch with a bold, colourful and exciting vision of how your business will serve your life not the other way around, which is how most of us in the self-employed sector work. This frequently causes tears and laughter, not least from those of us who are a bit shy of our drawing skills (!). But you don’t need to be a great […]

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Who Can You Talk To About Your Business and Your Life?

Cut Your Plan In Half

If you are self-employed and work for yourself, who can you talk to about your business and your life? I no longer think it is either possible or desirable to try to separate the glorious complex human being that you are from you the entrepreneur and business owner. We don’t operate in a vacuum, it’s not healthy and all work and no play makes Judith a dull girl. Today I was inspired by this message from Hollie Holden about cutting your plan in half and then in half again, saying no and hugging a tree. Often these are precisely the […]

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Blogging Blues: Keep Writing Anyway

Anne Lamott

Clients report that they struggle to blog. They intend to write but it doesn’t happen. Or they’ve lost their nerve for one reason or another. Here are the top reasons for getting the Blogging Blues. I’m reinventing my website and I don’t want people to visit before I’m ready I hear you. But I’d keep writing anyway and here’s why. We entrepreneurs and small business owners keep inventing and reinventing ourselves and our products and services all the time. There’s no perfect. There’s no place you’ll come to where you’ll be satisfied with your website. You’ll be satisfied “for now” […]

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How To Become a Money Magnet


See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck, so goes the saying. But sod the pennies, its pounds and notes we want, isn’t it? Only recently I was telling a group of clients that the streets of London (and everywhere else) are paved with gold and that we should keep our eyes peeled because money is waiting to be picked up everywhere. Pennies from heaven and notes which others have carelessly let fall lie in wait for us everywhere. T. Harv Eker taught us some special places to look for it and what to say to […]

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