Opting In

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000

When I was ten or eleven, I got into my first big trouble with my Dad, for refusing to be confirmed. I think it was my first rebellion. Oddly, I’ve turned out to be very spiritual indeed, I even like a bit of church and I love sacred music and pretty much all church buildings. So, with hindsight, it was a strange choice for my proto rebellion. My Dad wasn’t particularly religious but he was most definitely against rebellion. He was a conformist and his immortal words at the time are still etched on my memory: “If you opt out […]

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Extreme Self-Care

The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson

I am grateful to my client R for asking: A seemingly regular feature of my weekly check-in (and those of several others) has been the inclusion of “extreme self care”. I realised I needed to be more specific – what does it mean to me. I’m interested to know what you have on your list for self-care. Turns out that self-care means something different to everyone but here’s what came from Club 100 in response to R’s question. Meditation, movement, walks in nature, yoga/pilates, smoothies, massage, time out in a cafe, a bath with soothing music, a comfy sofa and […]

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Creating Useful Business Habits

Popcorn and Movie Tickets

I am aware that it is all too easy to create bad habits in my life. Let me give you an example or two. They both involve eating and drinking, I’m afraid! For the longest time when my best friend and I used to go to the cinema, it was our habit to eat and/or drink at the same time. As a couple of weight watchers with a small WW, we had to deliberately unhook that. Cinema and popcorn go hand in hand. They used to for us, they don’t any longer. It was much easier to create the initial […]

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A Story About Rapport


A few weeks back I went for my annual contact lens check up at the opticians in London where I have been going for several decades. If several means three, it’s longer than that. It’s the only place where I’ve been going all my adult life since I started wearing contact lenses in my early twenties. I am 59. A couple of years ago the man who owned it sold it. It was a tragedy much mourned by those of us who loved the care and attention he’d lavished on us for all that time. It was a lesson for […]

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Not Enough Money


Lots of my clients talk to me about something I know all too well first hand as an entrepreneur. They fear that they do not have enough money, it’s not coming in fast enough and it’s not something they can rely upon. Feast and famine, not enough money seems to go with the territory we have chosen for ourselves, that of being self-employed. The words “Don’t panic” are always followed in my family by the words “Captain Mainwaring” which is timely, since they are re-making

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Please Don’t Make Your Own Website


Just because you can make your own website doesn’t mean you should. There’s an exception to this rule, perhaps, and that’s if you make websites for other people, for a living. Even then I’m in two minds. Every client I’ve ever had who has spent weeks and months and years learning how to make their own website has, in the main, wasted valuable time they should have been using to do something else much more important in their own business that only they can do, like get clients. I know why you have attempted to make your own website, to […]

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100 Words about 100 Words


One of my intentions for 2014 was to blog every day. Today is Day 320 so I’m nearly there and beginning to think about what next. I’ve thought of writing 100 words every day, a beautifully simple idea which would be much, much harder to do. Also it’s not a unique idea as I discovered when I went looking for an image to go with this post. Much cleverer people than I have dreamed up the 100 words idea and executed it far better than I could ever hope to. How much of value  can anyone say in 100 words?

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A ship

It’s mildly annoying that so much of the language of coaching is cliche, because it can be deadening, it can cease to have meaning. But as I learned once – at a wine-tasting course – of all places, a cliche is often a big seller. Something which is popular and reaches a lot of people, and at which it is oh so easy to sneer, is often intrinsically very good indeed. People are not stupid, they will not buy something in large numbers forever if it is bad. So it is with cliche. It is precisely because it reaches a […]

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It’s Cheap: What’s the Catch?

Expensive Cheap

I learn something new every day. I see things on Facebook and on TV and in blogs which make me think. And my clients are my best teachers. So I’m indebted to an esteemed colleague who yesterday offered feedback to one of the members of my Club 100 who was launching very affordable business coaching offering. The gist of the feedback was to inquire after the reason for pricing it so low and that although we might look for and appreciate value, there’s a price which can be so low it causes us to wonder perhaps if there’s a catch. […]

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