Morganisation: How I Organise My Life


I was brought up in a very organised (and punctual) household, we call it being Morganised. Here are a few of the domestic systems I operate. I hope they’ll be useful for you too. Remember to KISS, Keep It Simple! 1. A place for everything and everything in its place. This morning my bare feet were a bit chilly so I went to find my only pair of cashmere socks. Easy! They are always in precisely the same place in the same drawer so I can put my hands on them immediately. I only have one pair, they are a […]

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Commitment and Consistency


I am grateful to my client, C, who always brings interesting challenges. C is a coach herself and her policy is one of radical honesty. If she’s feeling it, she shares it; she doesn’t hide it away. Transparency is her middle name and she often outs herself online. One of her other mentors offers a question; “What is it you don’t want me to know?” Try that one if you want instant access to your growth opportunity right now! Historically C hasn’t been much of a blogger. But recently she published her first vlog. It wasn’t the first video of […]

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SBBM: What Do Clients Say About Their Mentor?


I asked the members of Small Business Big Magic to give me some feedback on what they appreciate about me as their mentor. Here’s what they said: Your delicate balance of care, support, guidance, encouragement, wit, common sense and philosophical wisdom is spot on. You are encouraging and super supportive without being pie in the sky and totally away with the fairies, no nonsense and honest without being a complete ball-breaker or hurting my feelings I believe that everything in our lives is a manifestation of our thoughts. I believe that I have the ability to create an abundant business […]

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SBBM: What’s to Love about our Secret Facebook Group?


I asked the members of Small Business Big Magic what they love about our secret Facebook Group and here are their replies: I feel like I’m not alone. There’s always someone who’s got my back Ongoing support means I can strive forward knowing I’m far less likely to give up or get distracted when doubts, fear or resistance occur. This helps me trust myself more, relax and be more creative/productive SBBM is grounded, practical and supportive in a way that allows the magical big stuff to happen The support is invaluable; to know that we are part of a group […]

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SBBM: What Are the Drop-in Calls Like?


I asked my clients in Small Business Big Magic to let me know what they appreciate about the ten x 90-minute group drop-in calls each month. What are the drop-in calls like? Here’s what they said: I like listening to others and understanding their businesses and the challenges they face. If I have something specific I want to talk about, I have found the process of getting clear about what my challenge is, so that I can describe it to you as clearly as possible without rambling, is usually enough for me to then figure out my own answer, but […]

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Gleaming New Testimonials for Club 100

Georgina Noel

I asked my lovely clients in Club 100 if they could give me some gleaming new testimonials for my sales page. Here they are… I’ll add to them as they come in. “When I came to Club 100 I needed to get a grip with my money and get focused so I could begin to increase my income and do the most profitable things in my business. I lacked the focus, willpower and know how. I have now stripped my products back to only two focused offerings, have completed my accounts before they are due and have a plan to […]

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Clients Come in Infinite Variety


I had a rather strange and thoughtful day yesterday. Not that my days aren’t often thoughtful, but not many of them are strange. Thankfully. Something I read and something I watched, both about gratitude, encouraged me to think about how grateful I am for my clients, past, present and future. Not just grateful for them in a lump, but grateful for each individual client. And what I realised is that however much we all have in common, we are also always unique. My clients come in infinite variety (like all human beings) and that’s a miracle. So there I was, […]

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Show Up Fully, Share Freely and Trust


Each week I share the best learnings and pearls of wisdom I have collected from my clients, specifically from their Monday morning check-ins for Club 100. Here’s this week’s. Happy Easter. I hope you get a few moment to enjoy these: To Do lists don’t work for everyone. Those people trust to wait until they feel inspired/in flow. I’m about 50/50 on this. I have a To Do List and I mostly follow it. When I get stuck, I re-schedule items or wait until I feel the muse. And that works too. The way you like to work also works […]

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Business Lessons My Clients Teach Me: Feed Your Inspiration


Business and life lessons I’ve learned from and taught to my clients this week so far: Sometimes there’s no substitution for grabbing the instruction manual and digging in to your own learning. Rather you than me! On Monday my clients reported themselves as feeling “meh” or even “wayward”. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak and, in some cases, the spirit was weak too. Go do a little self-care instead, perhaps some clearing up and/or pottering. Never get so busy with work that you forget to have a life. Working styles for introverts and extroverts are different. Do […]

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