Clients: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Thirty One


The biggest abundance in my life, bar none, is my clients. I’ve saved the best for last, for Day Thirty One of 31 Days of Abundance. I have drawn to me a gorgeousness which passeth all understanding. I am one lucky, lucky business coach and mentor. My Club 100 members, twenty five of whom are coming to lunch at our annual Summer Party on Saturday 9th August, include Richard, Natasha, Susie, Julia, Wendy, Lotte, Sam, Cristina, Sally, Veronica, Andrea, Sue, Alison, Karen and another Natasha, another Allison and another Sue, Jo and another Karen, Penelope, Riana, Jennifer and two more […]

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What Clients Say About Learning Cashflow 101

I asked three clients to share their experience of learning Cashflow 101. In the morning, we play by the rules. In the afternoon, we throw the rule book out of the window. *** “Although I’ve been conscious for some time of the effect our intentions can have on our actions, it’s been a bit of a dormant hidden thought, one that I don’t bring out in the cold light of day, for fear it will disintegrate once under the scrutiny of ‘rational/logical/normal people – even though I am one of those people.  And because of this fear, I don’t actively […]

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Relaxation: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Thirty

The Swan at Streatley

Relaxation and an abundance thereof is another one of my intentions. I cannot say that I am there yet all the time, though I was there yesterday. My friend and colleague, Marion, and I went for a day out to Streatley on the river Thames in Berkshire. We arrived early to avoid the crowds and began the day with an Earl Grey tea and iced coffee in the Deli. Then we retreated to a shady bench under a weeping willow tree where we sat by the boats, watching the ducks, with the sounds from the weir providing a delightful sound […]

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Blessed: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Nine

Pray Rain

This wonderful testimonial flooded in last week from Karen on Facebook. I have her permission to share. “I am grateful that since listening to a random podcast which lead to a random Google search for “Judith Morgan” and subsequent Entrepreneur of the Day call, I am on the path to realizing my dream. It was fear, Judith. I was afraid to do it in case it worked and I got the life I dreamed of. I was stuck in a scarcity mind set. Thanks for setting me free. I love your blogs. I love your daily reminders of abundance. I […]

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Cashflow Game: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Eight

Play and Learn with Cashflow 101

I’ve just been down the garden shed to lay out the Cashflow game for today’s Financial Coaching day in which I teach the principles of money and abundance and much more besides, using the fabulous tool that is Rich Dad’s board game, Cashflow 101. An abundance of five lovely strangers are coming to play with me, men and women I’ve never met before in the flesh. I’ve met them in the 30 Day Challenge because they are the Lucky Winners who won their game today for taking early action and securing the first few tickets as they went on sale. […]

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Trust: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Seven


On Wednesday I had a day out with les girls. Here’s what happened. K left her home without her purse and yet magically turned up at the venue, despite having no money and no credit cards. I bought her lunch and a post-gig drink. R left home without the tickets or the joining instructions, but magically turned up at the venue having bumped into someone at the station who looked like they were going to the same place (!). The event organisers then took over any potential stress from her by simply lifting the problem from her shoulders. Sigh of […]

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Expectation: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Six


Abundance is… the expectation of good things. Abundance is …being open to receive. Abundance is… being grateful for all that you have. “Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level.” Eileen Caddy If you would like to feel more confident and aware of the abundance in every area of your life, please join my AbundanceFest2014 – a personal 1-2-1 consultation with me on Skype, a full day of financial coaching with the Cashflow game, a summer get-together in my garden, a Facebook group and three follow-up group calls. Click here […]

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Days Out: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Five

The Waterway Maida vale

On Wednesday I took a day out of the office for some continuing personal development with some of my clients. It was a boiling hot day and far too hot to be sitting in a stuffy venue. Fortunately by some stroke of luck the workshop was only two hours either side of lunch so afterwards I was able to repair to the canal as it runs through Maida Vale in London, and site beside the water with four beloved clients, eventually staying to have supper with two of them. An abundance of great experiences unfolded during the day. I love […]

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The SXM Coach: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Four

Marigot Harbour

Yesterday I took a day out of the office, a day to learn how to be a better coach and to grab some inspiration for how I might (if I wanted) re-shape my coaching business. I went with an abundance of clients from my Club 100, all coaches, to see Rich Litvin present a Deep Coaching Masterclass for Alternatives. Just before Christmas one of my new clients said she wanted to build her new coaching business according to the principles Rich taught in the book he co-wrote with Steve Chandler called The Prosperous Coach, the same book which made me […]

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