JUDITH2Hello! Judith Morgan here, the Small Business Oracle. I’m a serial entrepreneur, business owner, blogger and podcaster and I’ve been working with clients and their small businesses for yearly 40 years now, firstly as their accountant and more recently as their business coach and mentor.

I work alone at home and my ideal client does too. Is that you? If so let me introduce you to some Big Magic for your Small Business, all designed to help you create a living doing what you love.

I do that via my group mentoring program Small Business Big Magic which includes an initial personal induction call, just you and me, then your entitlement to attend any of the abundance of 90 minute drop-in calls each month, plus membership of a really inspiring and creative online community of others just like you.

I will share with you the accumulated wisdom of decades in business for myself and everything I’ve learned along the way about successful self-employment, so you can enjoy all the benefits I share with my private clients at a fraction of the price.