Ask The Oracle: When’s Judith’s Next Small Business Drop-In Call?

Small Business Big Magic

When’s the next drop-in call for Judith’s Small Business Big Magic group Thursday 27th November 1900-2030 GMT Monday 1st December 1600-1730 GMT (note exceptional time, one hour earlier than usual) Wednesday 3rd December 0800-0930 GMT Friday 5th December 1600-1730 GMT    

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Fuel Gauge Illustration

Amongst my clients, there’s always a handful of people in the doldrums; down, skint, worried, anxious, fearful, low, vulnerable. Sometimes this will cause them to go into hiding. What we’ve discovered is if they share their vulnerability and send in an honest weekly check-in report, often good things show up in their lives overnight. Certainly we all pitch in with ideas and encouragement, me and the rest of the members of each of my coaching groups. Sometimes that helps, just to know you are supported and heard. What I’ve learned from observing these doldrums in 2014 is that we all […]

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VAT Changes on 1 January 2015


Over the weekend I wrote a 1500 word rant about the current storm surrounding impending VAT changes on 1 January 2015 but out of deference to the people I care about who are fronting the campaign, I have trashed it. I don’t want to rain on their parade. Suffice to say that here is a piece written by a woman whose opinions closest to my own, by Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting.  Nice job, Rosie! And this is also a useful piece to read, by Heather Burns of Idea 15 Web Design. And so is this, by Tim Gray […]

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Empathy and Moccasins


About a decade ago, this happened. I would have been about 49 at the time and my client just a few years older, in her early fifties. Explaining her life situation to me in an induction call, she said: “I turned 50, my mother died and then I went through the menopause. I feel as though I have been in a fog for three years.” I remember what I thought. A big part of me in that moment thought “Oh, for goodness sake. GET. A. GRIP!” I’m not proud to admit that, it was early days for me as a […]

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Selling from Scarcity or Abundance


I spend quite a lot of time with clients helping them to find ways to sell their products and services, ways which are aligned with their values, aren’t icky and don’t make them feel like a used car salesman. It’s a strange hangover, that one. I’m not sure I’ve ever met yer archetypal used car salesman, have you? And yet we all have the concept in our minds of someone who will say anything and promise everything to make a sale. We don’t want to come over like them, no siree. There are lots of ways to sell, there’ll be […]

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Opting In

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver 2000

When I was ten or eleven, I got into my first big trouble with my Dad, for refusing to be confirmed. I think it was my first rebellion. Oddly, I’ve turned out to be very spiritual indeed, I even like a bit of church and I love sacred music and pretty much all church buildings. So, with hindsight, it was a strange choice for my proto rebellion. My Dad wasn’t particularly religious but he was most definitely against rebellion. He was a conformist and his immortal words at the time are still etched on my memory: “If you opt out […]

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Extreme Self-Care

The Art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson

I am grateful to my client R for asking: A seemingly regular feature of my weekly check-in (and those of several others) has been the inclusion of “extreme self care”. I realised I needed to be more specific – what does it mean to me. I’m interested to know what you have on your list for self-care. Turns out that self-care means something different to everyone but here’s what came from Club 100 in response to R’s question. Meditation, movement, walks in nature, yoga/pilates, smoothies, massage, time out in a cafe, a bath with soothing music, a comfy sofa and […]

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Creating Useful Business Habits

Popcorn and Movie Tickets

I am aware that it is all too easy to create bad habits in my life. Let me give you an example or two. They both involve eating and drinking, I’m afraid! For the longest time when my best friend and I used to go to the cinema, it was our habit to eat and/or drink at the same time. As a couple of weight watchers with a small WW, we had to deliberately unhook that. Cinema and popcorn go hand in hand. They used to for us, they don’t any longer. It was much easier to create the initial […]

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A Story About Rapport


A few weeks back I went for my annual contact lens check up at the opticians in London where I have been going for several decades. If several means three, it’s longer than that. It’s the only place where I’ve been going all my adult life since I started wearing contact lenses in my early twenties. I am 59. A couple of years ago the man who owned it sold it. It was a tragedy much mourned by those of us who loved the care and attention he’d lavished on us for all that time. It was a lesson for […]

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Not Enough Money


Lots of my clients talk to me about something I know all too well first hand as an entrepreneur. They fear that they do not have enough money, it’s not coming in fast enough and it’s not something they can rely upon. Feast and famine, not enough money seems to go with the territory we have chosen for ourselves, that of being self-employed. The words “Don’t panic” are always followed in my family by the words “Captain Mainwaring” which is timely, since they are re-making

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