Back to Life Back to Reality

Directional sign with Work Life

Monday. 1st September 2014. Back to life. Back to reality. It’s been a tremendous summer here in the UK and I am hopeful there’s still more sunshine to come and yet there’s something irrefutable about today. It’s the beginning of a new term, even though it is more than 40 years since terms were relevant to me. It’s something one never shakes off. It’s all I can do not to pop out and buy a nice new pencil case and a shiny pointy protractor. My September new broom is sweeping clean. I am beginning today to experiment with some new […]

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Karen Revell: Coach and Mentor

Karen Revell

Today’s final guest on my August blog is corporate escapee Karen Revell whose mission now, as coach and mentor, is to help those wanting to follow their passion or calling. More power to her, just imagine what a better world we would all live in if we could find a way to do that! Here’s Karen, in her own words: My name is Karen Revell and I am a coach and mentor for those wanting to leave their job to follow their passion or calling. I’m also an ex corporate career girl having left the world of finance behind me […]

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Cristina Palma: Life Creativist Coach


Today’s blog guest is Cristina, colourful, wonderful, international, creative Cristina Palma. Here she is, in her own words: My name is Cristina Palma and I am a Life Creativist Coach. As a life coach and as an individual I am ONE thing: a really happy human being. Since I started to work on personal development more than twenty years ago I realized that the best way to change the world for a better place was by being what you want the world to be. “Be the change you want to see in the world” would be the best way to […]

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Irene Liddle: Building Top Companies

Irene Liddle 2 (sml)

Today’s post is such fun because Irene is new to the Club 100. We met when I was interviewed by Nicola Cairncross on her podcast for The Business Success Factory. Nicola hooked us up and the rest is history. I thought Irene was just phoning for a chat, as Nicola recommended, so we could get to know one another but it turned out she wanted to join the club. Here’s Irene in her own words: I am Irene Liddle, and under the guise of “Building Top Companies” I work with established business owners throughout the construction sector from architects to […]

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Alison Coates: Living with Love

Alison Coates

Today’s blog features Alison Coates, the newly re-named… as she explains now in her own words: My name is Alison Coates, although I have been known as Alison Morrison for nearly 30 years. Coates is my maiden name and having got married at the tender age of 21 I very excitedly became Mrs Alison Morrison, and felt all grown up!  Although I divorced a number of years ago it seemed much easier to keep my married name as it was the same as my young children’s and coming to terms with being a single parent was enough to cope with without […]

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Karen Gilbert: Perfumery Classes and Fragrance Training

Karen Gilbert 2

Today’s blog guest is Karen Gilbert. Karen and I have worked together forever. She is my ideal client and very diligent and consequently very successful. Here’s Karen to tell you how it is, in her own words: My name is Karen Gilbert and I teach perfumery and coach people who want to start beauty businesses or fragrance lines. I am also the owner of a retail business and tattoo studio which has been running for 10 years now. My business is called Fragrant Alchemy but I currently trade under my own name at as I have 2 books published […]

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Wendy Kendall: Global Business Stars Academy


Today’s blog guest is Wendy Kendall, creator of the Global Business Stars Academy. Wendy also features in my book Love the Boss available here for donation. Here’s Wendy in her own words: My name is Wendy Kendall and I am a business psychologist who helps people to have successful global careers after a move abroad. I am also a mother, wife, keen trail runner and horse rider, and a lame karaoke singer! My business is called the Global Business Stars Academy, the most recent iteration of my global career development business. I started the company in late 2003 after I […]

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Debbie Nichol: Blue Samovar Loose Leaf Teas


Today’s blog guest is Debbie Nichol and here she tells you about her journey into tea, in her own words: I’m Debbie Nichol and I co-own a loose leaf tea business called Blue Samovar with my business partner and good friend, Kirsty. The idea behind Blue Samovar was formalised in a little café called the ‘Singing Teapot’ in Wotton-Under-Edge. Kirsty and I had been talking for years about starting a business but what in? Walking or cycling tours? Both were our hobbies and we both had a background in travel and tourism, so these seemed to make sense. But nothing […]

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Susie Jones: Fine Jewellery Designer, Mildred Jones

Susie Jones in Tiara

Today’s blog guest is Susie Jones, who we all know as Mildred since the name of her fine jewellery design business is Mildred Jones. Here’s Susie a.k.a. Mildred, in her own words: My name is Susie Jones and I am a fine jewellery designer. I am also a mother to a gorgeous nearly-three-year-old son, born and bred Londoner, fashion-lover, cheese addict, good listener, former City lawyer, fan of luxuries, yet also a down to earth and loyal Taurean. My business is called Mildred Jones Fine Jewellery and I started it in 2013 because I was looking for a piece of […]

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