Stepping Into Your Own Magnificence

Winner Champ

Some time ago I embarked upon a rash of 30 minute Skype calls with those subscribed to my list, as a way of catching up with them and taking the temperature of British enterprise. The challenges were many and varied, as ever, with creative types growing and morphing and stepping up to new versions of themselves. I talked with clients leaving their day jobs and re-training, taking redundancy and reinventing themselves. There’s so much to learn when starting out in self-employment, staffing, systems, marketing, getting into new routines, being answerable to yourself only and not your boss. You’re the boss […]

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Measurement, Energy And Attention For Entrepreneurs


We have been looking at measurement and evaluation in one of my entrepreneur coaching groups. How important are quantifiable results for your business? I will let you decide, but what I wanted to share with you today is The Hawthorne Principle: what we observe, or measure, increases. What do you want to increase in your business? Turnover Profit Sales Number of clients Number of visitors to your website and blog Sign-ups to your newsletter Average spend by client Number of networking events attended and how much business comes from them Pieces of work quoted for Confirmed orders Money into your business […]

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Slow Down: There’s No Rush


A podcast by Timothy Ferriss re-iterated what I had already read once or twice in his book, the 4-Hour Workweek; we are living in an Overwork Epidemic; it’s almost wimpy not to work hundreds of hours in a week. isn’t it, even though we know it’s not SMART? Just a few pointers for those of you who haven’t read the book yet. It’s about Lifestyle Design -v- Long Haul Career Planning where you work for 40 years with those ridiculous working hours and other strains on your personal life and maybe, just maybe, you get to retire on some sort of […]

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When It’s Right It’s Easy

The Tide Will Turn

When it’s right, it’s easy. We’ve firmly established this in my woo woo group. Over and over again we find ourselves exclaiming how easy it is when something goes right for us, when something we want just drops into our laps. But why do we lose faith in that concept in between? Why do we find it so difficult to remember that’s precisely how it works and to make that our modus operandi? One of my esoteric pals reminds me that our job is to turn our boat into the stream and let go of the oars, from Abraham-Hicks. “Allow […]

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Money, Abundance And Prosperity

Prosperity Angel

One of the recurring themes which comes up when I talk with clients, colleagues, other self-employed folks and friends is money. Or rather fear about lack of it i.e. scarcity.  I am sure this resonates with most readers. How do you keep yourself in an upbeat place about money when you know you’ve not got enough coming in, or you are worried about debt or cash flow struggles and impending difficult decisions about what bills to pay? When I go through a bout of this myself, here are some of the things I do which make a difference. I can’t […]

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Your Best You


The best way to help others is by becoming the best version of ourselves we can be. A simple truth, maybe, but often pretty challenging. What’s Your Best You? When on a spiritual coaching retreat I created my own personal mantra: “I honour my own light first, and I illuminate the way for others.” The concept of Your Best You reminded me of this, and how far I may have fallen at times from honouring my own light first. If I were to honour my own light first, what would I be doing? Saying NO more, to myself and particularly to others. Resting. Walking. […]

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The Virtual Entrepreneur: This Is The Life


To the uninitiated, I may look like a saddo because my Significant Other is my laptop. This is because all my working partners and trusted colleagues are geographically remote from me and all my clients too, so pretty much all my relationships involve a Skype connection. My WiFi just went a bit dodgy today and then it went down altogether at lunchtime for about an hour causing palpitations. A 3-way Skype conference had to be abandoned – shame, I’d been looking forward to that. Thank Heavens for my iPad and its 3G card which means I can email someone who’s standing […]

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Successful Entrepreneurship: Is Discipline What It Takes?


I participated in a lively discussion on Facebook with someone who opened up the debate by asking: “Discipline – do what’s right and necessary before what’s fun & easy – you got any thoughts?” Oh boy, did I have thoughts! I started in with a relatively peaceful “I’ve done it that way all my life but I’m swapping over now that my egg timer might be the other way up. And I find it works better, to my surprise. Now my watchword is ‘when it’s right, it’s easy’. My days of struggle are so over.” A client (and friend) weighed […]

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Creating A Business To Love: Taming The Monster


If you are self-employed, what I am about to say now may not apply to you. Because you might like pottering about at home, working when you choose and for whom you choose. You may have got used to your income being lumpy and not mind, because you enjoy the freedom it brings. You are your own boss, and leaving aside various uncertainties and the fact that you do everything that needs doing, it’s great. And if that’s you, I’m happy for you; some days that’s me too. But what happens if you are lucky, or successful, or both, is that […]

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