Karen Wilmot: Expats Expecting

Karen Wilmot

Today’s blog guest is Karen Wilmot who is a newbie in Club 100. Some of our other members will be reading about Karen here for the first time too. Here she is in her own words: My name is Karen Wilmot (Elf name Cookie Peppermint) and I Am.  I am also a midwife, a yoga instructor, a hypnotherapist and a singer, amongst other things. My business is called Pregnant in Oman which is ironic considering that I am not a mother and have never been pregnant. I need to tell you that this caused me years of anguish. How could […]

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Lotte Lane: Writer, Awesomiser & Chronic Over-Sharer


Today’s blog guest is Lotte Lane, writer, writer, writer, writer, mum to Maya, wife to David, on the verge of publishing her first book and making her maiden speech in London, no less. Lotte’s a Star – no shit, Sherlock – and here she is, in her own words: My name is Lotte Lane and I’m a writer, awesomiser & chronic over-sharer.  In practice, this means I share the inner most truths of my heart (in cringe-inducingly honest detail) to inspire and connect with people. My mission is to encourage the self-doubting to get down with themselves and get on […]

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Sally Kirkman: Astrologer and Writer

Sally Kirkman Astrologer

Sally Kirkman is the star of today’s blog. She’s been a media astrologer and also wrote the weekly horoscopes for us at Entrepreneur Soul before joining Club 100, where her business goes from strength to strength. Here’s Sally, in her own words: My name is Sally Kirkman and I am an astrologer and writer. I started work as a self-employed astrologer in 1989 writing horoscopes for local newspapers and my astrology business took off from there. I graduated from the Company of Astrologers in 1994 and was awarded their Advanced Certificate with merit. The TVTimes astrologer for 15 years, I’ve […]

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Deborah Taylor: Book-Launch Your Business

Deborah Taylor

Today’s guest blogger is Deborah Taylor, with whom I am privileged to be working in two capacities right now. Deborah is helping me bring my books to market on SELZ, about which more in September. Meanwhile, here’s Deborah in her own words: My name is Deborah Taylor and I am the founder of Book-Launch Your Business. I started developing this business in 2012 because I wanted to bring together my book publishing experience with my passion for personal development. I struggled for a long time to find the right business niche for me but the advent of Kindle gave me […]

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Soozi Baggs: Maternity Leavers


Today’s blog guest is Creator Soozi Baggs, a Creator after whom we have named one of the special techniques we employ in our Cashflow Games, and so she leaves a very special legacy round here. Here’s Soozi, in her own words: My name is Soozi Baggs and I’m the Head of Inspiration at Maternity Leavers. With a business with a name like that, you might also deduce I’m a mum too – to twin boys who are growing scarily by the day, and start school in a year! I started Maternity Leavers in 2012 just after I quit my job […]

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Nicola Warwick: Digital Essence

Nicola Warwick

Today’s blog features Nicola Warwick who’ll help you to hone your digital essence and stand out, shine and be seen online. I’ll let her tell the story, in her own words: I’m Nicola Warwick. ​I show businesses how small changes made to their web presence can achieve big results. I help people to be seen so that they stand out online. I do this using a blend of one to one coaching, mentoring and technical know how. I’m also a photographer, love stationery, gadgets, planning and organising. My favourite place is anywhere outside, where I can be among trees. My […]

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Sam Dounis: Writer and Cartoonist

Sam Dounis

Today’s blog guest is Sam Dounis. What can I say about fellow Creator Sam that she couldn’t express better in her own words? Here she is: Once upon a time, there was a cartoon sheep. He was a very silly sheep, who went on some adventures and got into a few scrapes. He really enjoyed his adventures and wished with all his might that he could go on a lot more. But he was only allowed an adventure a few times a year, and even then only a handful of people would know about it. This went on for many […]

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Natasha Brown: The Agent

Natasha Brown

Today’s blog features Club 100 client and all-round fabulous bird, Natasha Brown, who we call The Agent. Here she is in her own words. As you can see, she is a woman of few words (but a great sense of humour!): I like to say I’m a professional “sorter outer”; I’m a people person who likes to get things done. I love sourcing, negotiating, problem solving and representing. In short I am The Agent. Earlier this year after lots of soul searching and accepting that I have something to offer I realised that this is what I want to do […]

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Andrea Jordan: Business Coach, Mentor & Strategist

Andrea Jordan

Today’s blog features Kiwi Andrea Jordan who, as I write, is travelling in Asia. So far she’s seen Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and the journey continues. Read Andrea, in her own words: My name is Andrea Jordan. I am a business coach, mentor and strategist. When I’m not helping entrepreneurs to implement their ideas, I can be found reading anything I can lay my hands on, dancing up a storm (I perform with a salsa group in New Zealand called The Clave Collective), taking photos of the beauty I see around me and travelling to far flung destinations (I’m currently […]

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