Wiser Than We Know


Timid, fearful or undecided? I believe we are all wiser than we know and that often we know the answers but seek the reassurance of others before making a final decision. There are often no right answers except your own. So the muscle you are learning to flex and strengthen here is to trust yourself more often. I hardly ever ask anyone else’s opinion. I’d need to be really stuck. I’m not sure why this is. It could be that I don’t know who to ask. It’s definitely because when I see it happen in groups of which I am […]

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A Good Plan or Some Great Intentions?

Business Meeting Notes

Some of my clients want to have A Good Plan. And I understand why, I really do. A Good Plan makes you feel like a proper businesswoman, someone who looks like she knows what she’s doing. You hope it might guide you through your foggy procrastination and be a roadmap out of the headless chicken space we so often occupy when working alone at home, especially those of us used to working in a team in the former day job where we had a boss breathing down our necks and where we had to be productive. I think I’ve only […]

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Sunday Blessings

Choose Happiness

Sunday seems like a good day to count one’s blessings. Er, actually, now that I come to think of it every day is a good day for counting one’s blessings! Today, here are just a few of the infinite number of blessings in my life that I am choosing to appreciate in this moment. My health I am grateful that I don’t have to think about my health all that much which gives rise to the risk of taking it for granted. I do not. I feel very blessed indeed that I am strong and healthy and emotionally robust. My […]

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Why I Love Working on Saturday Mornings

Woman Writing in Daily Planner

Friday is my day off, mostly. At least Friday afternoon if I can swing it. Because I work on Saturday mornings and I love working on Saturdays, always have. Saturday morning coaching slots are very popular and therefore I am being of service to my current clients. And when I was an accountant it was the only time I got the peace and quiet to catch up with a lot of admin without the phone ringing all the time and so three powerful hours were really useful to me and allowed me to go off then and enjoy the rest […]

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Still Iffy About Selling? Watch Hot Tub Britain!

Hot Tub Britain

If you are still iffy about selling, you have about three weeks left to watch Hot Tub Britain on ITV (see link below). I got so many useful and business relevant thoughts as I was watching this, particularly about how to make an easy sale. Britain has apparently gone mad for hot tubs and the programme shows the UK’s only hot tub superstore, a family-owned business based in Blackpool, turnover £10,000,000. People drive from all over the country to the superstore to buy a hot tub. They love shopping. They have a budget in mind. They pretty much always all […]

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Service or Sacrifice?

Spider's Web

I think of myself as a person in service to others. All of my businesses have offered to do work with you and for you that you cannot or won’t do yourself (accounting, cleaning) or don’t know how to do yourself yet (business mentoring and personal coaching). My family “joke” that I help people for money and that is part of the story for sure, though it falls far short of the whole truth. I’m cool with service. I say to my clients “How may I serve?” or “How can I best help you today?” and I show up with […]

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Tara Brach and True Refuge at Alternatives

Tara Brach at Alternatives

On Monday night I went to Alternatives in St James’s Piccadilly. The nice man who opened proceedings asked people to raise their hand if they’d never been before. About half of the audience did so. He said, very humourously I thought, that Alternatives had been there for thirty years and what’d kept them! And it reminded me (marketing insight) that however well-known you are to some, you are still a well-kept secret to most. All day Monday I was thinking about going out in the evening and wondering who else was going. I thought about putting it on Facebook as […]

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A Handful of Happiness and Pride


A sunny Sunday and up early reading the Time Out film reviews to see if anything would tempt us to the movies. Yes! We would go and see Pride at the Brixton Ritzy, where we even managed to snaffle a couple of free tickets thanks to my best pal’s annual patronage of Picturehouse Cinemas and especially their new movie theatre, coming soon to East Dulwich. We were served by a delightful girl behind the counter who advised she had seen the film yesterday and she promised much laughter and tears. She said we would love it and she wasn’t wrong. […]

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Pay What You Want

white sails and blue skies

In the fullness of time, when my own financial ship comes sailing into port, I plan to turn my entire business model over to PWYW – Pay What You Want. This is a movement which is growing in popularity worldwide and it means everyone can afford to work with me as their coach/mentor whatever their current financial circumstances. And it also means that those doing well can decide what our work together is worth to them and reward me accordingly. I already offer my ebooks on this basis and the experiment is one of absolute trust in total abundance and […]

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