Ask The Oracle: When’s Judith’s Next Small Business Drop-In Call?

Small Business Big Magic

When’s the next drop-in call for Judith’s Small Business Big Magic group Thursday 30th October 1900-2030 GMT (clocks go back on Sunday 26th October) Monday 3rd November 1700-1830 GMT Wednesday 5th November 0800-0930 GMT Friday 7th November 1600-1730 GMT    

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Love Your Gifts: Be Grateful for your Talents

Playing the flute

We take for granted what we are good at and tend to focus instead on what we consider to be our weaknesses and areas of lack. Wrong! If you want to attract more good into your life, you have to focus on the good stuff, celebrate your strengths, love your gifts and be grateful for your talents. So, tricky then… given that we take the good stuff for granted. We had a bit of a laugh in one of my groups the other day about the skills we take for granted like filing, spelling and arranging things in alphabetical order. […]

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The Budget to Do Your Best Work


The budget to do your best work. I was explaining this concept to a client last week and it reminded me it would be something useful to blog about. It’s not just about budget, it’s about entirely optimum conditions to do your best work at all times for your clients. Anything less and neither party is happy with it. There are exceptions, when we offer and people want something cheap and cheerful, or quick ‘n dirty, but generally we always want to be able to do our best work. When I was a singer in choirs in London we would […]

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One of my friends is also my harshest critic. That’s what you want in a good friend, don’t you think? Not all of ‘em, mind. That would be ghastly! But a true friend is one who feels able to tell you her opinions about when she thinks you’ve done good and bad. And, well, her price is beyond rubies. I wish I were so brave and principled. So I’m lucky to have one of those, even though it doesn’t always feel like that when she lets me know she thinks I’m in the wrong. I’m a tad on the sensitive […]

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Top 2015 Bargains on Personal Coaching/Business Mentoring


I’m not much of a one for a bargain, to my eternal shame. But I know many of my clients and readers are. Good on you. And so this message is for you. Here are my top 2015 bargains. If you already know you are contemplating working with me as your personal coach and/or business mentor in 2015, between now and the middle of November you can snaffle an extra special bargain. If you buy a year in advance, you can secure one third off. Wow! That’s 12 months for the price of 8. And if you are not ready […]

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Clocks Go Back

The Darkness approaching the UK

For most of my adult life, the day the clocks go back always used to be the worst day of my year. Summer is my favourite season and I can usually find ways to string it out until the end of October, weather willing, as it has been this year. But once the clocks go back there’s no kidding anyone any more, myself included. We are plunged into the darkness and the cold inevitably follows. I can’t pretend and I can no longer suspend disbelief. I used to allow this day to be the darkest day of all my year. […]

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Why Are You Here?


Why are you here? Do you wish you knew for certain? Would you like to go (self) exploring? Earlier this month I received a deliciously assertive and confident email from a client which said “I’m on this planet to…” I won’t tell you what she said because that’s her business, but the point is this: she knows. She knows what she’s here for. And if I told you, you’d say it was deceptively simple and whilst it may sound that way, it’s profound and empowering to have certainty around why you are here. Many of my clients profess or pretend […]

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A Little Bit of Dread

scared child

In the twenty years when I was an accountant, I must have gone to a thousand meetings where I was meeting a potential new client. And there was always a little bit of dread. But then the client would turn up and I would go into my spiel which I had used in all the 999 other meetings and all would be well. Often, at the end of the meeting, the client would report a little bit of dread too, some even saying things like “I’d rather go to the dentist than to the accountant!” but we’d both been brave […]

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The Biggest Leap: From Free to Fee

From Free to Fee

The biggest leap we can make in our business at the early stages is when we go from giving away our stuff, to realising it has a value and that we can charge for it…going from free to fee. And do you know what the real gem is in going from free to fee? You only have to do it once! Someone who I loosely regard as a client (by dint of his marriage to someone who has been one for a longish time, and a favourite at that) is doing this today, and he started messaging me early this […]

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Goals and Intentions

Goals Group for Masterminds

Goals and Intentions. Both are important, and fulfil a different function in creating your business/life to love. Goals. Write them down, make them happen. Every book you read about successful people contains the part where they work out what they want, even if it’s only on the back of an envelope or fag packet which they then frequently recommend you shove in a drawer and forget about. When you are moving house, you find it again and notice how most – if not all of it – has magically come true. How does that work then? Those of us who […]

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