Lucy: Remembering to Build a Life and Not Just Another Job

Lucy Eckley“I recently had the privilege of a Skype coaching session with Judith as her ‘entrepreneur of the day’. What really struck me most was her instant ability to strike up a rapport and understand my strengths and aspirations. From one short call, I took away some very practical tips, including help with pricing (something I really grapple with), encouragement to believe in myself as an expert in what I do and to pick my three favourite routes to acquiring clients and pursue these every day. It was amazing how much ground we covered in less than an hour. I very much enjoyed my chat with Judith and hope that I will work with her again in the not too distant future.”   Lucy Eckley,


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...about your business or plans to start one. Book yourself in to my online diary now for an Entrepreneur of the Day call. These are entirely free of charge and with no strings attached. My goal is to get to know you, offer you a great listening to and provide some guidance, clarity and inspiration.

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