Own It! The PodcastIn December 2014 I started a brand new two-handed podcast with Nicola Cairncross, my former partner in The Money Gym. It’s called Own It! Your Business and Your Life and we publish every Friday on iTunes.

On the podcast we talk about:

  • what we’ve been up to each week
  • what’s inspired, impressed & infuriated us
  • business books and software recommendations
  • tips, tools & techniques we use ourselves
  • mixing up deeply practical business “how to” with the psychology of success
  • client challenges and success stories.

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“I first came across you this weekend, having asked around for some recommendations of a good UK podcast for women entrepreneurs. Well, as soon as I got down to the end of my road at the beginning of a 2 hour car journey, I knew I liked you – and by the end of the journey I wasn’t wrong!: Sarah S