Twitter Updates for 2010-01-29

  • @johnsw John Williams is a Creative Maverick who wants to Screw Work Let's Play. Not following his blog? you are a fool to yourself! in reply to johnsw #
  • @propertymadesim 50/50 in reply to propertymadesim #
  • @propertymadesim How can you make it easy for him? Can he pay £100 pcm in advance to build up his deposit over X months? in reply to propertymadesim #
  • @johnsw Is he not on Twitter?? Not easy to follow him from slightly dreary site. in reply to johnsw #
  • Grateful for the support of good friends, for the lovely clients I manifest, for the work I love to do, for… #
  • Grateful for Marion Ryan, writing buddy, and our new blogging project we have begun today. I have done three blog… #
  • Grateful for my warm, toasty, soft bed, food on my table, godgiven great health, Wayne Dyer's movie, Andre, John &… #
  • Grateful for the opportunities which 2010 presents, for my GSOH, for challenge, for my garden shed and laptop, for… #
  • Grateful for The Creation Experiment, Cashflow and lots of lovely, brilliant new business ideas for the new decade – oh and the Pure Package #
  • Forget your troubles, come on, Get Happy! #
  • Sending an mp3 to @TechCoach – recording my ebook = fun. Might need help from @MoLatin though as sound quality not great #
  • Was down in the dumps, then had Gratitude Fest on Gratitude Log, then helped some clients and voila – I'm over it! #
  • @danielafraser I think you are right, D. And its just as well we know who we are, don't you think? Thanks for reinforcing. in reply to danielafraser #
  • Are you an Expert in something which would interest my Inner Circle Entrepreneurs? If so, do get in touch. Need one for Fridays in Feb #
  • What financial terms dont you understand and were always afraid to ask? Please DM if embarrassed! #
  • @EmmaWimhurst What's your favourite topic right now, I see you have seven? What would you love airtime to discuss? in reply to EmmaWimhurst #
  • @sueblakePR You are right. I've watched her videos on her site, I love her already! Straight from the hip = FAB. in reply to sueblakePR #
  • @EmmaWimhurst I KNOW! in reply to EmmaWimhurst #
  • @sueblakePR Please will you be one of my experts too? Teleclass or Blog Talk Radio show? in reply to sueblakePR #
  • Lunch pal today recommended the Muse singing Feeling Good. What do you think? @gazaztron #
  • @sueblakePR You bet! in reply to sueblakePR #
  • @youravailspace Ooh, thanks. Will check that one out too. What do you reckon to Buble doing it? in reply to youravailspace #
  • 62% of my followers are real people on Twitter. Go to to learn about your followers. #
  • 51% of my followers are male, 49% are Female. Go to to learn about your followers. #
  • RT @richschefren A Daring Blog Post? | Internet Marketing #
  • It's raining, otherwise I'd be going to Starbies for one. #
  • I can't do follow Friday because I cant find the hash symbol on my new MacBook Pro keyboard (used as PC) help @theengineroom #
  • Am thinking of going back to bed with a couple of business books. Is that a good use of an Entrepreneur's day? #
  • Entrepreneurs: How do you intend to feel at the end of today? And how will you create that? #
  • Figgy, oaty thing for breakfast. What's yours? #
  • Are you an Entrepreneur interested in meetups in South London, Clapham Common venue? Breakfast, lunch, tea, evenings? Chat/network/learn? #
  • @thenextwomen £ not on mine its not! its a £. I think this may be because I am using my MacBook Pro as Windows PC? in reply to thenextwomen #
  • @sueokell Enjoy and report back best tips pls in reply to sueokell #
  • @EmmaWimhurst My best thoughts occur in the shower.Right now I am getting up at 6 to write,2 blog posts today, ezine next but sleep deprived in reply to EmmaWimhurst #
  • @danielafraser Daniela, are you Italian or Spanish. Get confused by villa in Spain! in reply to danielafraser #
  • @KarenKnowler Snap – I'm up to writing too! in reply to KarenKnowler #
  • @karengilbert Bless you! Just got my first paying client of the 50 at the Top Pink Level of the Inner Circle. in reply to karengilbert #
  • @KarenKnowler Blogging Tweets articles ezines and eventually (this year) my first proper book at last in reply to KarenKnowler #
  • @danielafraser i wasnt actually, I knew from your name you were Italian. Why did your parents have a house in Spain then?? in reply to danielafraser #
  • I have special offer for 1st 50 clients at my new Membership Club in beta test today. First sign up at Top Level is MY IDEAL CLIENT WooHoo #
  • @GraceMarshall Lovely talking to you, Grace. Hope something comes of it. in reply to GraceMarshall #
  • So excited, no time to eat lunch. Never been known before! #
  • Welcome to Sharon, Ivor, Karen, Linda, Hazel, Judy, Sunita, Ann, Lynne, Kate, Rosie, AnnA, Antonietta, Olivia, Doreen & Tracey – SO FAR! #
  • Last night I asked out loud for lots of lovely clients I could love. Today I am being given. Woo Hoo. Now, is there any lunch here? #

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