11 Fun and New (ish) Ways to Make Money – Online and Off

I am updating this post (and making it shorter!) on 28th November 2015 to reflect what’s happened since my original post on 3rd September. I have reduced the number of projects I am actively working on from 11 to seven without changing the title of the blog post or the numbering of the projects, so as to avoid confusion, and because I may add a couple more in due course. Profits to date have been £4450, 85% of it passive income. There’s a further £4,000 in the pipeline which will come to me in the fullness of time without my lifting a finger. The most active is No 7 (which would replace a part-time job outside the home), the most passive is No 5, the most fun is No 2 and the most profitable so far is No 9.


Over the summer months, no fewer than 11 ways to make money, online and off, have come into my life. I thought I would summarise them all for you here as I know many people are desirous of making more money. I will also give you my personal experiences of working in them all, to the extent that I have to date.

Some of these are tax-free. Some of them look like gambling, yet are not. Some look like they involve luck, but may not. Some look like network marketing, but don’t need to be. Some of them involve you in doing some work yourself, and some of them are 100% passive where you put in your money and forget all about it except for enjoying the income each day or week. And some of them invite you to share them with friends either online or off. That’s what I’m doing here. That’s what they call “work”, sharing the fun and the fabulosity with friends.

Gambling, networking, affiliate marketing; only you can make up your mind what each opportunity offers you, but do notice your scepticism and fear, just a couple of the emotions which stand between you and more dosh. Try one or two you can afford and see what happens. Reinvest whatever you make in more, and so on.

If you want to know more details about any of these, just join my Fun Ways to Make Extra Cash Facebook Group where we can discuss any and all of them. But please take the time first to read this blog post in full as pretty much everything you need to know is included here.

I will list the cost of joining each opportunity and whether it is time-consuming, or not, and how to make the best of each opportunity. If you were to join all 11 it would cost you £250 a month recurring and £320 one-off, approx. And one is free, and one is just $7 a month so these are affordable for all and there’s likely to be something here for you. Even where you have to pay out cash, it is returned to you as you will see.

Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start… with Nos 1-4


Pro Spring2. Pro-Spring Lotto will launch a month later, on 15th October 2015 – see countdown on their website. This is not scratchcards, it’s more like the lottery but pegged to the EuroMillions. You can join now for free and start sharing it with your friends who will be joining in your online network. It will eventually cost 33 euros a month if you want to be in it to win it, and there’s an opportunity to take it up to a higher level too if you want to make a business opportunity out of it, which I do. Once it launches and can be demonstrated to be working, that’ll be easy. But don’t let that stop you joining now for free.

Join here for free to secure your place, then start sharing your own affiliate link with all your friends online. Sharing again, note. Not selling. Social lotteries are the way of the future, using our networks of online friends to spread the word about things we enjoy, just as we do now. Let me know when you’ve joined and I will make sure you are enrolled in the ProSpring Facebook Group (most of these opportunities have at least one Facebook group attached to them) which keeps you up to date with launch news and suggests ways in which you might have fun sharing ProSpring with your friends.

These Facebook groups and presentations tend to be fronted by very enthusiastic career networkers, mostly (but not exclusively) men. Sorry. Nothing I can do about that. Just get through it. I have.

Free Postcode Lottery3. Next is The Free Postcode Lottery and if you like in the UK and you have a postcode and you are not in this, you are a muppet. You receive one email a day reminding you to click through to the website and check if your postcode is a winner in each of three categories. 3 clicks to see if you’ve made any money simply by clicking and sharing. Dearie me, the very definition of a no-brainer! Join here using my referral link and I will make a few pence. Share your own referral link and so will you, in addition to your chance of winning. Small amounts of money add up, a lesson I wish I’d learned as a teenager not an OAP.

Speaking of OAPs, all of these are just perfect ways to top-up a pension which is on the small side.

4. The last of the lucky lotto ones now – Golden Scratchie. This is a 2-phase thing. You can join and scratch online where points make prizes of things like MacBooks and iPads. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with this over the last few days, ten minutes a day is plenty as its strangely addictive; you could probably get your kids to do this bit for you (!). Paying members at $40 a month are given extra points and rewarded for sharing with their pals. The extent to which it is a two -phase thing is as follows:

You sign up here first at IAMCorp, for free. And then follow through to another website of theirs called GoldenScratchie once you have your account at IAMCorp set up. At the IAMCorp sign-up site you will see a video which explains very well about how these social sharing lotteries work and I promise this is my last one for today! Once you are in and enjoying it, if you want to share it with your friends that will help everyone. Again you can scratch just for your own fun purposes, or you can scratch and share and earn. Entirely up to you. It’s all self-explanatory on a rather wordy website but you’ll get the gist once you watch the video. Oh and that’s not all the IAMCorp do – they offer a couple of other products, neither of which were particularly relevant to me and one of which overlaps with something I am going to tell you about below, at No 9. But they are they if they turn out to be of interest to you or you can see a market for either of them.

IAM-40 Golden Scratchie


Mostly winnings from scratchcard and lottery-type opportunities are tax-free but this does depend on which tax jurisdiction you live in. Also, whilst your own winnings may be tax-free, your referral commissions are often not as that’s probably going to be designated “earned” income. Each opportunity is different in this regard.

Next, numbers 5 and 6 – completely passive income – yay!

5. Poker Automatics I joined this one on 11th August 2015 with $30, just to test it.  Again, it’s a rather wordy website which I shall leave you to read in its entirety. What’s good about it? A fantastic return between 12% and 24% a month depending at which level you join. 12% a month! Yes, you read that right. And your original deposit is returned to you. You can withdraw your winnings whenever you like although your stake is retained for anything between 30 and 180 days; that’s your choice on a sliding scale of how much you put in and how much of a return you want to achieve.

What else is good about Poker Automatics? It’s 100% passive and you receive an email every day telling you how much you’ve made. I’ve made $2.72 on my $30 in about 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But it is 12% a month. Just get your head around that. Just enjoy your email every day telling you about your passive ROI. Just start with $30 (or whatever you like) but do take the time to watch the video testimonials of those who are making a lot more. Downside? I had to open up an account with Payeer to put my $30 in. And they do promise you $1,000 for free. Don’t get over-excited about that! It’s just “test” money as far as I can see, but you can “play” with that money for a week or more if you want, before putting your own funds in. Perhaps that’s the point of the virtual $1,000, who knows… a virtual thrill!

Poker Automatics

We are providing the bank for poker robots who play against gazillions of global online poker players. We don’t need to know anything about poker. It’s 100% passive. Your money makes money. #Nirvana. I LOVE POKER AUTOMATICS and will definitely be putting in more in a.s.a.p. As with a lot of these, confidence grows with your returns. Test small.




Perhaps this is a good point, approximately half-way, to point out that if you google any and all of these, you will mostly discover that The Internet has decided that they are all scams. They are not. But you might have to take a small risk to find that out for yourself, as I have done. That’s why I’m reporting to you from the inside, from a position of real experience, real risk and real returns. But only you can decide, and you should only play with what you can afford to lose. No-one but you can make that decision.

Time to do some work and learn some fascinating new things – ZERO RISK

Profit Accumulator7. Right. Now the time has come for you to do some real work with Profit Accumulator. This one is Matched Betting. Betting, not gambling. How can you bet without it being a gamble? If you back one result and “lay off” the other. Matched Betting is well documented all over the web, including Wikipedia, MoneySavingExpert, The Daily Telegraph and even student organisations because it’s described as a way in which anyone – ANYONE – can make enough money to stop worrying about money – EVER AGAIN. And that’s quite a promise, I think you’ll agree.

What do I think it takes to be successful with Profit Accumulator, given that I’ve been doing it for about a month? Having made £500 in three weeks I believe it takes patience to follow the video tuition (transcripts also available for us non-video lovers), do as you are told, don’t rush ahead, and do precisely what you are told. You can start with any size pot. There’s no risk except if you don’t do as you are told, did I mention that?? The other thing you will need to get good at is spreadsheeting. No bad thing, eh?

If you join PA using my affiliate link and contact me to let me know you’ve done that, I will add you to our Much Smaller PA Facebook group as the main group has over 10,000 members and is very busy indeed, whereas we are – at the time of writing – at most a month ahead of you and can hold your hand through the early stages, no question too dim.

There’s zero risk here except your time. The money is at all times in your name and under your control. If you have a bit of a “bank” you can make more and make it faster, but you can start real slow with as little as £100 and turn that into quite a lot quite soon. We’ve done this so we know. It isn’t a quick fix but an extra £500-£2,000 a month would be great, wouldn’t it? Just take the free trial and you will learn in 24-48 hours whether or not you are going to like it before you decide to invest in PA at £22.99 per month. You will usually make more than that in the free trial, enough to pay for your first month’s sub and then typically we have easily made £500 in our first month. Note: You need to live in the UK to do this one.


I suspect by now your head is beginning to explode. Do not be fooled into thinking you cannot learn new stuff. I’m doing all of these with perfectly ordinary people who have just made up their minds to improve their financial lot and they are finding some time in their diaries to give it a go. We are not lotto freaks wishing on a star, or gamblers. As I said at the outset, these look like chalk often when they are in fact cheese. Keep your mind open and your wits about you and prepare to learn something new. It’s refreshing and fun and lucrative.

This is a long blog post. I know that. Take a(nother) break and come back to it. It’s not going anywhere. It’s packed full of opportunity and there’s no scarcity. Yes, many of these say its better if you get in sooner, but as long as you get into something when the time is right for you, that’s all good.

Onwards and upwards…numbers 9, 10 and 11 are all networking, little or no risk, better returns if you do decide to do a little bit of referring somewhere along the line

9. Chartfords/Salustra a.k.a. Premier Cashback. Chartfords is a networking company which has been going since 2008. They tell me no-one leaves and that Chartfords have never failed to pay anyone what’s due to them when it’s due. You can see an interview online with their founder and he seems like a pretty decent chap who talks a lot of sense. This one is brand new for me. They say it can be 100% passive. It costs £100 one-off to test that out. I’m in. Their Salustra website is offline until Friday 4th September 2015 as this new part of their business launches this very week. But if you ask, I have a PDF I can email you with full details.

Chartfords started with art. Yawn. Limited edition prints. Yup, still yawn. Who buys art? Well, you’d be surprised. Millions of us, and we prefer to do it online too because we are frightened of the snobs at the art gallery. Now, don’t switch off if art’s not your thing. It’s not mine either. But neither is it what Chartfords are moving into. They are moving into more affordable consumables, things we buy every day, health supplements, coffee, water filters, more typical networking territory you might think. Until you watch the presentation when you might take the view that the product is irrelevant with this one. With many of them actually. Obviously the business model will implode if someone isn’t buying the product, but their sales presentation makes it clear it doesn’t necessarily have to be you – or me.

However, my £100 will buy me a handful of health supplements and a couple of them sound like they might be quite useful so, there again, it’s all about keeping an open mind. An open mind and the business model/compensation plan. And with networking it’s all about the compensation plan. And if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. There’s video training and whilst it all sounds like a foreign language to begin with, after a couple of watches you’ll be an old hand like me. More men leading high energy webinars, sorry about that. Just try to see your way through to the good bits. I have. Last night’s was quite emotional, many get quite evangelical if they’ve been skint for a while or spent their whole careers looking for The One. Of course, that’ll raise your suspicions but they are down to you to manage. Ask questions until you get the answers you need.

What does seem fascinating, ‘cos it applies to numbers 9, 10 and 11 on this list, is that the people who run these networking companies have finally worked out that us non-career MLM-ers need help. We don’t want to pester our family and friends and flog them stuff. So they’ve found ways to bring us the sign-ups in our teams because our wealth is their wealth. Now you’re talking! And they’ve found ways for us to accumulate points by means other than our own efforts which compound anything we decide we do want to do.

Ask for more info, the PDF explains all and I go to the occasional webinar and listen to enthusiastic leaders, so far mostly men.

Chartfords Gallery

10. National Wealth Center. Oh God, I didn’t want to do this one. Lots of American men in baseball caps talking Internet Market jargon about opt-in pages and the whole nine yards. But the reassurances came thick and fast that we didn’t need to understand, they would make sure that we would get our money back and a profit within the first month and a lot of our team building would be automated and easy. I believe them. I am in a team headed up by a UK woman who I admire enormously and where she goes, I follow. She’s doing the majority of these in this list and I think she has a day job too. But not for long.

NWC 2What’s NWC all about? Similar to No 10 there’s a networking business model and yet another compensation plan (I’m getting quite good at those now). It’s US-centric for sure, though us Brits are coming up fast. The NWC products are self-development, business development, wealth development, fitness, health, investment and all related training. But you learn by doing, by being in a team with some high achievers. NWC has longevity and a 15-year track record and a CEO, Peter Wolfing, who called me personally when I joined (I’m sure it was a system, but even so!). Here there’s a Buddy-Buddy system which ensures people will join your team and once you feel happy and confident, you’ll start adding to that momentum. I know I will.

However, as you will see, National Wealth Center have some nice slick videos and a professional website and a wealth of content for you to enjoy in the back end if you have the time and the inclination; not required. Other benefits include a cost-savings website, not my thing but it has been demonstrated to me that this is worth your monthly outlay. Costs are monthly recurring. $9.95 to NWC and $175 which goes to the person who introduced you, each and every month, just as you will receive two of those $175s. If that’s all that ever happens, you are in profit. It won’t be all that happens. Our team will grow and as with all of these, as it does we will happily mention it to others who will join too.

NWC is the one that all the career networkers are getting excited about. Draw your own conclusions.

More Facebook groups, training, webinars and traffic rotators with this one, the traffic rotator comes at a cost of £155 which you will want to pay because it brings sign-ups to you and profit, and when it works you will want to keep on paying it. But this is the mechanism which means you don’t have to do anything creepy and MLM-y, unless you want to. I do. I’m over it now. I see it as empowering and enriching, for you and for me.

NWC is thus the most expensive one on this list and perhaps the most time-consuming, second only to Profit Accumulator at No 7. Most of the time is in the evenings and once you’ve read all the files in the Facebook Group and watched all the videos, you are down to one webinar a week and sharing with your online your chums how well you’re doing.



So, where does this leave me at the end of my summer of exploring new avenues with my bits on the side? Lots of new friends, lots of new ideas, lots of fun, lots of new things to think about and learn and study and the nights are drawing in so there’s plenty of time, if time is what is needed. Time is only really needed in number 7, 10 and 11.

Who knew that a woman in her 61st year, who had always hated sport, would be unable to go to bed until she knew the football results and could update her spreadsheet?

I hope you’ll find something in this list that, like me, you never imagined you would ever do. Fortune favours the brave. Keep pushing the envelope. Keep exploring. Keep learning. Keep experimenting. You never know which one will have your name on it. Typically, all 11 have my name on them. Whither your focus, Judith? It is just possible that I may need to streamline down the way if the majority turn out to be less passive than promised. We shall see.

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