12 Gifts of Support for my Small Biz Clients

retro-gifts-1847088_640As it’s December, thoughts often turn to the 12 Days of Christmas and today I thought I would blog about the 12 gifts of support I give to my Small Business Big Magic clients.

  1. It all starts with a 1-2-1 personal induction call, generally on Skype. During this I want to know all about you and about your current or future business so that when we start working together in the group, we have something to build on.
  2. Ten live 90-minute drop-in calls each month via Webex which means you “call” in from your computer FOC. These are not webinars. Each drop-in call is 90 minutes set aside so that you can call in at any time during that schedule and talk about your business and get advice and answers. You queue nicely and I take everyone in the order they phone in, splitting the time between the callers each time and always making sure you get the time you need. I can turn the recording off if you want to discuss anything sensitive. You can hang around and be sociable, or you can get what you need and get off. Your choice.
  3. The recordings from the drop-in calls are delivered to you immediately the call ends. What this means is that you can listen again to any work we did together, or you can learn from me working with others. You will be amazed that even when their business appears to be a million miles away from your own, there is still incredible value to be gleaned here. If anything, this is the surprise gift of SBBM both for you and for me.
  4. Secret Facebook Group where you can meet and mingle with your fellow small business magicians. I also write up in here who called into the drop-in calls and what we talked about so you can decide if this will be time well spent for you in making time to listen in later.
  5. Email anytime. I’m really speedy at email so feel free to email your sums or any private thoughts on which you might want some personal feedback. Sometimes I will ask you to do this if it’s something we need more time to think about than we have during the calls.
  6. Private messaging on Facebook if that’s easier for you than Email for just a quick thought or a “what do you think of this, Judith” link. Or I might send you something I’ve seen which looks as though it might be useful for you. Or we might just say a cheery hello to each other during the course of the business day. Teamwork.
  7. Sometimes (these are blissfully rare) I might invite you to come to an extra Skype session. Think of this one as being summoned to the Head’s study! And there may also be nudges from me to turn up to the calls when I don’t see or hear from you for a while and I think you might be hiding from me and from yourself.
  8. I sign up to your newsletter and your blog and I also monitor your output on social media so I can offer feedback and share the good stuff with my fans and followers. Similarly I will offer to feature you in my newsletters and blogs to tell the world about your business and how you can help.
  9. I connect you with people I think it will be helpful for you to know.
  10. I write blogs and create podcasts around the challenges you bring to our group, brainstorming solutions and extending the dialogue as usefully as possible. I will usually do this anonymously so no confidences are betrayed and often clients recognise themselves in content which isn’t about them, and vice versa. But that’s the point. Whilst we are all unique, we have so much in common too.
  11. Perhaps the greatest gift is that when you are ready to graduate SBBM it will be because you are a confident business owner who has found her way and is ready to fly solo. Typically clients who derive the most value from our group stay for two to three years. That’s how long it takes to get to that first important milestone in your own small business. Plan accordingly. And stay as long as you feel the benefits.
  12. You have me on tap at a very affordable fee of just £750 for a year’s membership. Bag a bargain price of just £600 if you book and pay in December 2016. These are 2016/2017 prices and whatever the price at which you join SBBM, that remains your price for the duration of your membership, your price for life. My aim is to provide you with a huge amount of bang for your buck and to adapt to you within the framework of our group. It works.

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