2014 Review

Time for ReviewOn 1/1/2014 I wrote a post entitled New Year’s Intentions 2014. Here’s my 2014 Review on how I did.

1. Blog every day during 2014. Done. Absolutely delighted and chuffed with myself. 365 blog posts. This is the 365th!

2. Return to juicy green habits. Nope. Not successfully achieved whatsoever, not even close. However, I have got into it again a bit recently, during November and December, so should be pretty easy to crank this one up again pronto, not least because I have 4.5 bags of carrots in my fridge as I type this.

3. This was a two-parter. Fall back in love with Twitter. Nope. Send a newsletter out each week. Yes. Re-sult! What you love gets done and I love writing. What do you love?

4. Read everything on my Kindle. Are you having a laugh? There’s a net gain on my kindle this year even though I clear off everything I have read. Oh dearie me. Note to self: that’s what Wish List is for.

5. Fill up my Club 100. Yes! This time last year we were at 25 members and today we are at 30 and I am anticipating a nice little influx over the next few days because January is such a perfect time to be stepping up in your business and in your life. In addition, one thing I didn’t anticipate this time last year was setting up a second group, Small Business Big Magic. If Club 100 is for intermediates at £150 pcm, then SBBM is my incubator at £50 pcm. Check out my Lucky 13 bargains for both groups, available until Monday 5th January 2015. Club 100 has a finite capacity and SBBM’s capacity is infinite because everything happens in a group. How wonderful is that?

6. Meditation. No. I’ve done a bit now and again but it certainly isn’t a habit. Going to re-subscribe to Headspace today and give that one another go.

Salutary note – give this one a thought before you decide on how you are going to live your life from today onwards. There was one comment on last year’s post. It was from a long-time pal and colleague, Frank Jurga, The Mortgage Genius. Commenting on 1st January 2014 Frank laid out his plans and visions. Here’s what he said:

“I’d like to hear what’s on people’s Vision Boards and what Milestones they hit last year. Mine are 2 England holidays – North Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District and Kent/Canterbury: Candle Making workshop at Glastonbury Festival: massive shed building project from free wood that I was able to scavenge: massive year for researching and listening to music that I missed first time round: met 60 new clients last year and that gives me a semi-passive income for the rest of my days. This year – looking forward to Helen choosing this year’s destinations: going to run fund-raising workshop for local charity: woodwork in my shed: see friends more often: learn everything there is to know about fracking: launch Financial Services Manifesto.

Frank died on 10th April 2014; he was the same age as me. I’m not sure how much of that wishlist he got done before he moved on upstairs, but I’m guessing not much as some of it sounds rather physical and I don’t think he was up to that, nor did he have time for the rest. So what I wonder is did he know he was dying but still intend to live a vigorous life for as long as he could? Or was his life taken at very short notice which no-one, least of all him, anticipated. Or was the truth somewhere in between? I shall never know because he didn’t tell me he was ill. I’m very sad about the loss of Frank.

Beloved Frank, thanks for all the fun we had together while you were here. I’m keeping an eye on you, Mate, and you me… no doubt about that. This post is dedicated to you with much love, gratitude and thanks –  for the heads up.  Life’s for the living and if we take a tip from you, that’s what we’ll all do… every day of our lives, starting now.

Take nothing for granted, Gentle Reader, least of all life.


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