2015 Intentions

10888714_10152446961926512_1265924889006231393_nFollowing on from yesterday’s post where I reviewed 2014, here are my 2015 intentions.

I AM a person who used to multi-task, but no more. It is considerably less efficient than it looks and leads to exhaustion, burnout and is the enemy of living in and enjoying each and every moment. I am Zen, me.

I AM journaling daily in handwriting, specifically around My Year of Miracles [and I am looking for just 10-12 people to walk with me on that spiritual journey. Join today and start tomorrow on 1st January or start anytime during January and there’ll still be time for you to catch up. We’ll close the group at 10-12 people or 31st January 2015, whichever is the sooner].

I AM thoroughly enjoying meditating for 10 minutes each day with Headspace. I am of the firm belief that this alone will help me with all the others on this list of intentions and help me to respond, not react.

I AM going for a little toddle around the block more often than not, and juicing twice daily. One of those will be green, the juice not the walk, although obviously green walks are even better than concrete ones.

I AM setting up boundaries and creating new habits around how I process email which I deal with during office hours only. I no longer take my iPad or (any backlit gadgets) into my bedroom at night with me, low tech old skool Kindle permitted.

I AM writing every day, but not necessarily blogging. I will continue to blog most days, Monday to Friday, but feel no compunction to do it every business day, and I am calling the 2015 blogs A Day in the Life of a Business Coach. I am also writing on Facebook every day and I am enjoying creating colourful and memorable memes with a viral potential. I am studying Facebook and its various uses with a view to making it work even better for my business marketing.


On the Own It! podcast yesterday, Nicola and I debated two questions which you might find useful in your review of 2014 and your plans for the New Year:

  1. What’s worked?
  2. What will you change?

Keep it simple, eh?

I’d love to hear your plans for 2015 so why not book yourself into my online diary for one of my Entrepreneur of the Day calls? Online diary availability recommences next week on Wednesday 7th January 2015 but do please use the Contact form if your need is more urgent. Let’s Talk!

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