The 2017 Year in Review: Podcast Ep 162

In our last show of the year (live on Friday 22nd December), Nicola and I review our 2017 year warts and all. I have found it to be mainly a difficult year of losses but it picked up towards the final quarter and on my list of memorable happenings there’s the successful photo shoot, writing and publishing a book, reading 45 books (so far) which encourages me to read 52 in 2018, another 50 podcasts devised, created and aired, another year of doing client work I love which is such a constant that I almost take it for granted and yet I do not. And continued low carb success, just shy of six stone lost in the last 15 months since 25th September 2016.

Nicola’s list includes an app, a membership club, big affiliate cheques, a book wot she wrote, her Be Everywhere Online concept, talented clients, a visit to the UK and one to Brisbane in Australia, lots of summer beach time reading and swimming, the Clicks & Leads Academy, planning a Xmas workshop in the UK to coincide with her seasonal visit home, take up Greek lessons and creative writing with Write Club who also started a podcast too.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE 162 of OWN IT! The Podcast: 2017 Year-End Review

In other news, our words of the week are Optimism (mine) and Work (hers).  I tell Nicola about the confusion with CreateSpace who reported I did not own my own ISBN number. This added about ten days to my publishing the print version on Amazon but on the day of the recording, I am due to take delivery of my first physical copy of my own book, which will be quite the moment. I half hoped it would happen live on the podcast, but that was not to be.

Nicola’s had no internet for four days and that enabled her to get doing some serious creative writing work on her sci-fi novel. Our respective fires are fuelled by my interview with Frank Foley for his series called Stories of Our Lives. And Nicola is upbeat about the talented women she’s been working with this year, including Kate and Angela.

We are impressed by Nathan Hague, well Nicola is while I had to ban him from messaging me on Facebook with his marketing messages one of which was marked as porn and Nicola explains this is due to his profanities. Generally I don’t mind a profanity myself but clearly Facebook takes a more stern line! She also recommends Pod Cards which will send podcast recommendations to your friends and family and colleagues instead of those saccharine ecards.

I’m chuffed for a client and podcast listener who, like me, has had a difficult and challenging year which got very dark at times. Recently she’s had a miraculous turnaround which was a great way for us to finish our work together just before Christmas.

Recently we’ve enjoyed a strong upward trend on our 30-day download numbers but, if you have enjoyed our podcast show in 2017, would you do us a great favour and psst! Spread the word?

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