Your Wild and Precious 30 Days

ThirtyIf you could take 30 days for yourself, what would you do with them?

Here’s a clue… it’s only a month. If you live for three score years and ten and, frankly, I hope and expect you will live for a lot longer, then one month is 0.12% of your life. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The World Cup lasts longer and for us non footie fans that might feel like a life sentence.

So, what are you going to do with your thirty days? That’s the question we are asking the 250+ participants in the 30DC where we are up to day 6 (7 if you include 31st May, which I do). They are a lovely bunch. On Wednesday night I spent two hours with them on a live webinar where they asked me myriad questions about self-employment and how to make money out of their play project.

John was excited that with my involvement I would encourage them to make money, but as the days go by it occurs to me that with some projects you cannot see where, or if, there will be any money within thirty days. Or at all. And also as the days go by I find myself worrying about that less and less. Nobody could be more surprised than me. I think I might get my knuckles rapped for encouraging them to bunk off, a bit like that period where you don’t have to go into school after your exams at the end of the summer term.

But, at the risk of repeating myself, somewhat gobsmacked about it as I am even myself…it is only a month. This could be the start of something big or this could be the start of something. Either way, it’s a part of their wonderful life. It’s the summer. Summer is for fun. It’s an experiment. We don’t know where it will lead. Sometimes we have to be prepared to go into the unknown, particularly as an entrepreneur. We have to take risks. We have to make the jump and trust that the net will appear. And the net pretty much always appears in my experience. Its a sort of Entrepreneur Russian Roulette. [Has anyone invented that, or have I just?]

I get the sense that quite a lot of them are not having a wonderful life at all. Some have a day job they are very keen to be rid of. I don’t blame them, no argument from me there. Some have lost themselves to parenting or illness or caring for others. Some have their own creativity or dreams buried so deep it’s quite tough excavating a play project at all. They don’t know what will light them up. They don’t know what they’ve always wanted to do. If they ever had a dream, it’s fizzled out, its apparently not even a dim or distant memory they’ve given up on. Extinguished. Gone. Long forgotten.

  • Relax!
  • It’s only a month.
  • What would be fun?

I think John is going to be cross with me. He had to leave me alone with them on the webinar and some of them I just had to encourage to have some fun, thanks to the creeping realisation that we all take life too seriously. That’s my lesson so far. Lighten up, Loves! Have a wonderful life. Run screaming through the school gates with your hair flying, dropping books as you go; rebel yell. Hell yeah.

This is something which is brought home to me quite often in my own client work. Some of us are able to have inordinate amounts of fun and get paid for it. It feels wrong, initially. We are a tad embarrassed, especially when we discover, like we did yesterday, one client and I, that she is likely to make much more money the more fun she has. By the end of our session, we were both shrieking with excitement, no word of a lie.

We all need to make money, me as much as the next woman. And I love money, me. But, to paraphrase Mary Oliver, “tell me… what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious” thirty days?

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