What My Entrepreneur Clients Learned in Just 30 days

Chalkboard with Math ProblemI asked a group of my self-employed clients to write up the best thing they learned during just 30 days on their journey to better entrepreneurship. Here’s a summary of their answers.

Emotional Intelligence

A certain type of creative solopreneur uses their inner guidance system to keep them in their preferred zone for moving forward. This might be joy, excitement, happiness, listening to and trusting their innate wisdom and their gut reaction to offers and opportunities and knowing that all good things come from within. Their learning was to stay in a place of trust with this and not be persuaded away from what they know is right.

It seems to me that we are tempted by distractions and it is only in batting them away that we make our intentions clear to all and sundry, including ourselves. Each time we listen to our inner guidance and act accordingly, we are reaffirming our goals and intentions and staying on track. This becomes easier and easier with practice and meanwhile staying in trust and being true to that works.


Resist temptation to be drawn off course by all the glittering ideas which come to mind. Focus on one thing at a time, do not allow yourself to be seduced by distractions, finish what you started, have a plan and stick to it. Those learning focus are convinced it is a discipline which will help them achieve their goals and I do agree. It was only a month, but if we cannot focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else for 30 days, what hope is there?

Often I think that picking something – anything – and sticking to it for a month just to prove to yourself that you have that completer-finisher staying power is a good way to condition yourself to become a person who can focus in order to achieve and attain goals. A month is only short; if you play your health cards right you could have about 1,000 opportunities to do that in your life and most of them ahead. Accountability from a third party helps with focus, so find someone who cares about your success who is watching you, caring and willing you to do well.

Extreme Self-Care

One businesswoman shared that the more she focuses on looking after herself and having a great life too, the more her business improves. She and I are singing from the same hymn sheet here and I think it goes beyond this. If you do things which make you feel good, everything improves, not just your business.

These things can be quite simple. In my own case, my 30 days included lots of cinema and plenty of green juice. Both make me feel happy, upbeat and well and able to beat off some challenging moments with relative ease. Things do look better to me at the end of the month than they did at the beginning and I know the ESC is responsible for that. Having a life too improves everything in your business.

Giving Up On Perfectionism

One of my favourite contributions was “it doesn’t have to be perfect, final, definitive or fully baked. Just get it out the door and keep moving”. Amen to that. Momentum brings good things. We are energetically attractive, magnetise opportunities to ourselves and also get to feel good at the same time. That’s a success strategy if ever I saw one.

Having a Good Plan and Sticking To It

A good plan allows for adaptation and chunking down into do-able bite-sized pieces. Each one of these adds to the sense of progress which makes us feel stronger and more competent and takes us measurably towards our goals.

Energy and Motivation

Find a way to connect with people with good ideas and clever solutions and oodles of positivity who help you believe in yourself and keep you on track. Avoid the naysayers and energy drains.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

A grand old stalwart. Success probably doesn’t lie within your current comfort zone. Never mind! You have the capacity for greatness within you and if you nail your colours to a public mast, you’ve gotta get out there and do it anyway and amaze yourself.

Productivity and Time Management

Another inspiring contribution came from a businesswoman who said “when I am up against it, I can magic time to get everything done and prioritise the important stuff”. If you can prioritise the important stuff, you won’t go far wrong.

Your Biz Your Way

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