5 Affordable Ways I Can Support Small Businesses

Affordable Business MentorMy goal is to make business coaching and entrepreneur mentoring affordable for and accessible to all self-employed people, especially those working alone at home. Nothing I offer my clients costs more than £200 a month and most costs considerably less. You can claim a session for free, you can pay a little by donation upfront according to your cash resources right now and pay the rest later, you can subscribe at £50 or £100 a month or you can book on demand at £197. Life couldn’t be easier to get the mentoring help and support you need and want in your own small business right now.

As a Creator and an entrepreneur myself, I am well aware that the glittering array of different offerings serves often only to confuse where choice is what is intended, so here’s a summary:

  1. Free: Entrepreneur of the Day – offer yourself up for an exploratory consultation, no strings. Costs you only a testimonial. Pay it forward.
  2. Donation: Go for an Abundance Call. Pay a bit now, pay a bit more later, pay according to the value you feel you derive.
  3. Get Stuff Done: Initial month costs £100 and includes an hour-long induction call then £50 pcm a month for as long as you are getting stuff done and continuing to enjoy your accountability results. Get focus. Get Stuff Done.
  4. Club 100 – Join the others in a Monday morning check-in on Facebook or in our Google Group (your choice) plus 60 minutes personal time on Skype each month + email support both within the group and 1-2-1. Club 100. Easy in. Easy Out. Stay only as long as it works. No stranglehold to escape, Houdini-style.
  5. Consultation – You want bespoke attention, starts at £197 for an ad hoc call and I will quote you for ongoing support, likely to cost about £200 pcm for the more advanced entrepreneur. Pick My Brains. Let’s talk about you.

How’s that? If you can think of a way I could help you which would be even more useful, please Contact me and propose it.

All calls take place on Skype so when getting in touch or booking yourself into my online diary, please remember to send me  your Skype name so we can hook up with ease.

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