7 Random Facts About Me

calm before the stormI made the schoolgirl error of liking Lotte’s post on Facebook and now I’m tagged to share 7 Random Facts About Me, Myself and I.

1. Pink is my favourite colour. It always was, but I didn’t confess it to the world and out myself until mid-way through my forties because all my friends and lovers were cool and trendy monochrome Londoners. The good friend who encouraged me wholeheartedly in this pursuit because he got it and loved it (and so eventually then did I) was Nigel Sutcliffe, who I got to know when he was General Manager at The Fat Duck and I was their Accountant. Nigel and I are lifelong friends but my pinkness is not the reason for that. In celebration of my pinkness I invited everyone to my 50th birthday party to wear pink and themed the whole event in pink. My middle nephew came dressed as the Pink Panther.

Pinel Island of Dreams and fabulous sandy Days Out2. In 2006 I discovered an island in the Caribbean which I intend to make my eventual home. It is called Sint Maarten and also Saint Martin. I call it by its airport code, SXM. The island is unique in the world in that it is a territory shared by two nations, the Dutch and the French, hence the different spellings of its name and my adoption of the short-hand code, for the avoidance of doubt. The French side is in the EU which means that I can, as a Brit/member of the EU, live on the French side more easily than some places in the world perhaps. Why is this my second home, my soul’s home? I don’t really know. All I can tell you is that I am happy there. So happy that when I land and take off, I usually cry. It is so beautiful from above. I know the island so well after three month-long visits and I cannot wait to spend more time there as soon as circumstances permit and it all comes together. Any day now, I reckon.

3. I will be 60 this year. On 27th April 2015 I become an OAP, a senior citizen. If anyone knows where those sixty years went, in the blink of an eye, do please let me know. I could happily live quite a lot of them at least one more time.

Mitsy_24. My favourite hobby used to be line-dancing until my knees “went” in November 2005, with no warning. Shame. I miss it. And I’ve done it at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, in a Willie Nelson stetson. And I’ve been to the Grand Ol’ Opry. Probably a good time to confess I’m a little bit country.

5. I love cats; there is a direct soul connection. I am a cat, clearly. Or I was, way back. I also like dogs. I like most animals, except horses. I like to bet on a horse, but not ride one, and certainly not to get up close and personal with horses. Nasty incident as a child. Say no more.

Field of Dreams6. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are three of my favourite things. In regard to arithmetic, when I found out how double-entry book-keeping worked, I nearly passed out with desire. And reading informs my writing, and writing will be one of my next careers. When it comes to writing, I especially love to blog.

7. And cinema is my last favourite pastime for today. Favourite film of all time? So many! I want to say Field of Dreams so I will. For now.


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