7 Tips for Home-Based Solopreneurs

home-based business1. Get clear about what you really want to be doing in your self-employment or business and why. Don’t go for the sensible option because you think you should. You are going to need passion to drive you when it gets tough, as it might from time to time, so make sure you are either doing something easy which fits in with your other commitments for now, or something you can’t help yourself but do so much that you are highly motivated to make time for it. I believe you really can find a way to do what you love and love what you do and for that to be money-making. My clients prove that to me every day. I love and appreciate them especially for that.

2. How much time and energy can you reliably make available to your creative biz project around your other commitments, family, relationship, part-time or full-time job? It might be only one whole day a week or two half-days. It’s no good squandering the days you do set aside in needing to sleep and/or clean the place up, or anything else for that matter, because there really is no time left for your lovely little biz then. We need to find some time you can ring-fence 100%.

3. Develop a strategy for those who think that just because you are at home you are available for all sorts of time-consuming drudgery and fluff and nonsense when you want to be focussing on your work and your business. Start as you mean to go on by being rock solid in saying no to any and all unworthy diversions from your precious me-time which you have set aside for your biz. If there’s enough of all resources to be taking forward steps, however tiny, one day you will wake up amazed at having achieved what you intended for yourself.

4. Find and join a community of peers and like minds and others who are doing it too. And as much support as you need to make it happen. Alone is a very hard row to hoe and all too easy to slip back into hopelessness, lethargy, confusion and fatigue. We all need focus and accountability and infectious energy as well as lots of creative encouragement to shape the life and work we deserve and desire.

5. Develop a strategy for hearing (but mostly ignoring) all those well-meaning people who would prefer you to live a “safe” life like theirs, a life they understand, a life with a J.O.B in it. I find the expression “thank you for your opinion” is very useful so they feel heard and appreciated, without giving them the impression you are going to do as they say but that you might factor it into your own decision-making process and that they have been helpful whilst also not overly-influential. Er, the truth then!

6. Intend to live your wild and precious life to its fullest. Immerse yourself in something which makes you feel good, whatever the other calls on you; be excited! Only you can live your life and if you don’t live it, it goes unlived. It really is a unique opportunity for each of us. In some small or big way, start now. Start today. What are you waiting for?

7. Self-employment offers exciting opportunities to reinvent yourself constantly, learn new stuff, meet new people, express your creativity and a gazillion other wonderful surprises (and some shocks!). Just go for it and enjoy the ride. You are ready and willing and so much closer than you think. And I already know and you suspect that you are much more than able you have allowed yourself to believe.

Your Biz Your Way

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