A Bad Day Is A Matter Of Choice

There is a saying in Baja “No Bad Days” and I have the bumper sticker to prove it.

My first rather obvious reading of this saying was all about the weather, 350 days of sunshine a year, leaving only 15 slightly duff days with perhaps a bit of much-needed rain.

My second – and favourite – is that whether or not you have a bad day is largely a matter of choice.

Do I elect to let the grim journey home from a lovely trip, with all its horrific connections, mechanical failures, anger, despair, relief, tears and lost luggage, part me from my relaxed good feelings and warm memories of new friends and happy times? No, I do not.

Do I elect to allow the nasty waiting in the post (a speeding fine!) for me ruin my post-holiday equilibrium?   No, I do not.

But its tempting, because there is glory in disaster, so much funnier and more dramatic in the telling than simply – yes, I had another great day, thanks.

Its a choice instead, a choice to remember and celebrate all the things that go right, the majority of things that go right, unnoticed.

At T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive I attended in New York we were asked to think up three things we had done in our lives of which we were proud and share them with a group of strangers who then whooped with delight, congratulated us with hugs and were genuinely pleased and proud of our contributions to ourselves and our world.

What an eye opener this was!   Not only was it quite hard to think up three things, even though there are loads to choose from, it was even harder to brag about them to complete strangers.   But their achievements were wonderful and they thought ours were too.

And celebrating your achievements is a very important part of coaching.   When you achieve your goal or a significant part of it, sit for a while basking in it, reward or treat yourself with something healthy and nourishing or spa-like, and rest there drawing strength and renewal before you attempt the next level.

We are so busy rushing onwards.   Much is written about savouring the moment but I wonder how often we remember to do that.   Clearly the Met Police believe I am Speedy Gonzalez, but they don’t know the real me, do they?   One who believes SLOW is better very often and one who has come to appreciate STOP also.

So, No Bad Days.   Some quite clearly are awful, and there’s no way round them.   You know what they are, I won’t list them here but they are in the death and destruction league either personally or globally.   And we all have our fair share of those, for sure.

But the rest of our lives allow for a choice, to notice and enjoy and appreciate so much that’s good.   In Baja they just reach for another tequila, but that’s not what I’m talking about, and I hesitate to use the word mindset because I dislike the word, though that is it: choice.  I am a naturally positive thinker, I always see the upside of everything, it takes a lot to grind me down. How ’bout you?

Now it is my intention to be playing the No Bad Days card as often as I can get away with it and watching the stresses and strains roll off my back. I’d love it if you joined in.


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