A Business Coach Who’s A First Class Role Model? Judith’s Your Woman

Sally KirkmanIf there were an award for the number of good ideas you can come up with in one Skype consultation, business coach Judith Morgan would be close to the top of the list if not the outright winner. When you’re talking with Judith she quickly grasps what you need and she not only holds the big vision but has plenty of practical hints and tips to help you turn your goals into reality.

What I personally love about Judith is the way she walks the talk and her own level of productivity is second to none. She mentions a new project in the offing and before you know it, the website/group is up and running. If you want a coach who’s a first class role model, Judith’s your woman.

Judith also has a unique way of looking at any problem or issue and finding the new angle that will help you break through and make a difference. I come away from our coaching sessions with some brilliant ideas and knowing that Judith will hold me accountable to ensure that I carry out my plans.

Finally I find Judith’s sound bites incredibly useful and I’m currently saying to myself “create content, market content” which makes the whole process of running a self-employed business feel simple.

With gratitude to you, Judith, for who you are and all that you do.

Sally Kirkman, Astrologer SallyKirkman.com

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