A Different Perspective

Depending on what I’m doing, I change my working environment all the time. It is refreshing and it gives me a chance to see life from a different perspective. It is really quite miraculous that the impact of that is not just physical, but emotional too.

My lovely scrubbed pine kitchen-table style desk looks out of a beautiful window at the tall trees and the view beyond which includes the sunrise. The sunset is also reflected on those same trees. The beautiful light is always uplifting and the view is ever changing. That’s inspiring in itself and I often gaze out of the window when looking for answers which do not immediately come.

On Wednesdays, I move my computer and my chair and I work on the short end of the table looking out of the window at a different angle. This is so that I can see the Ocado man come and run downstairs to meet him. My home office is a long way from the front door and I don’t want him to think no-one’s in and for him to take my weekly groceries away again.

Last summer, when I was writing my book, I moved the desk to face the door so I was side on to the window. This was so that when anyone came into the room I didn’t have to twist my body around to see them and speak to them because I was already in agonising pain from sciatica, all since long-healed, thank you for asking.

Today I am using a new computer, a Surface Pro. It sort of works like an iPad too in that I can detach it from the keyboard/cover and use the tablet on its own. But at my desk, it was too small and too low down and I was concerned about both my eyesight and my body posture, already at times an issue from too much working at the desk. So I was going to buy some goodies from Amazon today, a screen holder which would raise it off the desk a bit and enable hands-freeness, and that would have necessitated a wifi keyboard and miraculously I have already found one of those in stock chez nous.

Combined with the standy-up desk extension I bought last summer during the aforementioned sciatica incident, I now have what I wanted with no money spent and yet another different perspective achieved. I am working in a way I have never done before with the screen up at the right height enabling me to see even more easily. I also had to raise the chair and already¬†I can feel that’s going to be healthier too.

When I woke up this morning I hadn’t intended any of this –¬†standy-up desk employed, wireless keyboard sourced, both at no cost, or new desk/working position which already feels so much better. Wow!

What do you change around in your life and work to achieve a different perspective? How does it help?

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