A Fabulous New Adventure

“You Look Fabulous!” 

That’s what my favourite people say to me now, since I gave up eating carbs in September 2016 and dropped six stone in 18 months. Yes, you read that right. SIX STONE!

And when they say I look fab I say thank you. I’m so happy they’re not quizzing me about diets, how much I’ve lost and how much longer I’ll keep going, just because society is obsessed with dieting.

I am not obsessed with dieting, but I WAS addicted to carbs. And now I’m not that either.

We ask ourselves: “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be?  Marianne Williamson – A Return to Love

Do You Have a Sense that Carb Addiction is Your Thing Too?

If so, you can liberate yourself (and be lighter) and I can show you how. When you choose low carb, you can also ditch the diets, cut the cravings and break the addiction. FOREVER.

This isn’t a diet but it is my experience that any excess weight you may be carrying will simply melt away in time. That’s what happened to me.

But you need to give me three months. It takes 8-12 weeks to break this addiction and lose the cravings and desires for carbohydrate.

It Isn’t Fast, but It Is Forever

In fact, you get to decide how “fast” you want to do it.

  • 0-20g a day = hardcore
  • 20-50g a day = moderate
  • 50-100g a day = liberal

But, guess what? You can lose weight (if that’s your goal) at all three of those levels.

I will encourage and remind you to take your focus off weight loss and dieting. This mostly isn’t that. There are some excellent places where you can go and do that if you want. I didn’t.

I did have support. I did it with a friend. And we each banged up a spreadsheet to measure our carb intake and other changes. I chose to measure my results on the scales. I didn’t have a tape measure in the house and I certainly didn’t want to take any “before” photographs.

But Not Anymore – Look at Me Now! I Look Fabulous

I’ve got collarbones and elegant wrists and my cankles are gone and my waist is re-emerging. I’d forgotten what great legs I have! Now I can I wear clothes which are several sizes smaller including pretty dresses which have been in my wardrobe forever, awaiting this day, and I was even able to sail through a professional photo shoot. And I look forward to going to parties (and I’m an introvert!) so more people will tell me how fab I look.

You’ll Fall Off the Wagon Too

But you’ll get back on. I’ve learned a new expression, namely that “relapse is part of recovery”. My low-carb buddy and I celebrated our wins, encouraged each other during plateaux and temptations and talked each other down from a bag of Maltesers when the occasion required it.

I’ll support you to continue to make the right choices until old habits are broken and new ones are embedded. Even after 18 months, I still fall off the wagon now and again. Easter’s coming up. Choccy egg alert! But at least now I can decide whether I want to take a jolly-ish detour en route to my healthier and happier destination. And then there are Hot Cross Buns. We live in a world filled with carby temptations. But sooner or later you get the whiff of healthy success and you know you are not under their spell anymore, it is always a choice. It always was but it doesn’t seem like that when you are in the grip of that sugary and floury addiction. I would say drug of choice but I don’t remember very much choice being involved, come to think of it.

Once I really got into the low-carb way of eating and discovered the addiction aspect of it, I realised that all my decades thinking of myself as a failed dieter, as a woman without willpower, were wrong. That wasn’t it at all. All those years of diets and doctors and therapists and support groups and books and tears and disappointment, societal disapproval, judgement and abuse…why did it take me so long to discover the truth? I thought I was addicted to food. I am not. I was addicted to carbohydrate and factory food is designed precisely to create addicts out of us all.

Who Am I to Be Your Fabulous Guide?

Who am I to be fabulous and showing you the way? I am a woman who’s done it, that’s who.

And that’s all.

In fact, there’ll be a disclaimer below because I am not a health professional and I do not pretend to be. But I am a personal coach and I have been doing that work since 2002 and I know how to help people achieve their goals and dreams and support their underlying emotions while they do it.

And I’ve done it, did I say?

So What Will We Do Together?

This will probably freak you a tad. Sorry. But we will be speaking almost every day, or texting or messaging or something. We’ll start with a Great Big Chat, we’ll do at least two more of those too and, in between, we’ll be in almost daily contact. I’ll help you to decide:

  1. What’s in this for you?
  2. Why do you think carbs might be your nemesis?
  3. Why do you want to beat those addictions forever?
  4. And how will you know when you’ve done it?

I will point you at the very few resources I’ve used to do it and I will make sure you keep the blinkers on and only follow those or fewer. What we don’t want is endless reading and researching and other distractions about the “right” way to do this; that’s not on offer here. We are just going to do it together in the way that I’ve done it, and we’ll keep it precisely that simple. I will hold your virtual hand in the darkest moments of temptation because those cravings do not yield their grip easily. I suspect we’ll laugh and cry, and as with all the work I help my clients to do, we shall just keep on keeping on until we have it cracked.

I am going to be with you for some small part of almost every day for three months by which time your addiction will be gone. And then probably for a bit longer too because, trust me, that little devil runs deep, all your life to date in fact. Three months to break the addiction and, if more is needed after that, we’ll review the situation, decide to go on as we are (this will depend on the state of your wagon, on or off?), adapt or drop down to a lower maintenance program for a while, likely as not.

You will discover what you are addicted to. For instance, while I have not eaten much (or any) bread, pasta, rice, pastry, biscuits, cakes, fruit, potatoes, crisps etc., I have discovered I am not addicted to some of those. We are addicted to flour and sugar and anything that turns into sugar as soon as you’ve eaten it. One biscuit and I want to eat the whole packet. My addiction can rise to best me again just that easily. And I get to make my choice again. But roast potatoes and root veg I can take or leave. They don’t make me want to come home, scour the house for them and mainline them in secret, like a proper addict. However, first off we have to cut almost all carbs and then reintroduce those which do not produce addictive behaviours. It is a matter of experimentation over time.

I can guarantee you this – there will be no deprivation and no diets or diet talk, you will eat delicious food involving protein and whole fat, the vital low-carb combination for success. You will not be hungry (and you’ll know what to do if you are) and by the end of it you will think and say and feel things you never thought you would. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what they are but it is going to be fun, that bit. It is both magical and miraculous and I don’t plan to let you wriggle off the hook because the outcome is so life-changing. So, it might get a little stretchy too, for us both at times.

It’ll Be Just You and Me

We’ll keep this one personal, just us two. Certainly, when I was at my heaviest/most addicted, I was very circumspect about who I shared that with although, frankly, it was obvious to everyone who looked at me which I mostly didn’t want them to do. It was the only real problem I had in my life. If only I could lick that one.

Ahem, we’ll get into what you can and cannot lick as you get skilled up on what’s carby because, as you will discover, that’s amazing. What’s a carb and what isn’t – wow! Even smart people don’t know what’s a carb and what’s not and which ones are addictive and which aren’t. And who knew about fruit and veg?

How your body feels when you eat carbs and when you don’t is a voyage of discovery. Eventually, you’ll explore what it feels like to eat chips and bread and pastry (not as nice as you used to think it did) and how it makes your body feel (less than optimum).

What’re These Three Months With Me Going to Cost You?

£750.00 which you can pay via PayPal immediately using this link. PAYPAL LINK FOR £750.00

Or, if you prefer to pay by Online Banking, just say and I will invoice you by email.

What Do You Get for £750?

Three months of daily personal support except on Sundays when I leave you on your own, with good reason. As the three months progress we won’t do it every day either because you don’t want to swap one addiction to carbs for another addiction to my personal support, one crutch for another, that’s not what we are about here. The point will come where we’ll both know you can go longer than 36 hours without checking in, though you’ll be welcome to do that throughout our three months if you feel the need. There’ll be ups and downs, for sure.

We’ll start with a whopper of a call, probably 60-90 minutes and we’ll do a couple of shorter ones as our time together winds on, and then we’ll do everything else by chat/IM/email/whatever suits you best and we’ll decide that in our first call. These days I use Facebook Messenger in preference to Skype for those. I’ll talk you through it if you don’t know how to do that yet. Easy peasy.

And I will send you to a secret webpage on my own website which I will invite you to bookmark because it has all of my recommended resources in it. Good news, they are not too many – a website, an online shop, a book, a blog post and how to get Google to help you work out what’s carby and what’s not. And not even all of those are compulsory as I am going to explain it all to you and have it be easy for you.

How Soon Can We Start?

Today. Let me know you are in, you’ll PayPal me or I will invoice you, and then if we discover in our first call that this isn’t right for you for any reason, I will refund you in full. What would be a reason for that? You being either ill or having some strange set of allergies which left you nothing non-carby to eat. Then we’d have to have a major re-think and I would probably say I cannot help you. I was in perfect health when I started, just heavier. My body has gone through some changes but I am just the same now, except lighter.

Can I Do It Any Cheaper For You?

No, not this time around, sorry. There are good reasons why it costs what it does and if they are not obvious then I shall explain them to you when we talk. After these first three months, I might be able to extend this to a group which could be more affordable – more people, less one-to-one time, economies of scale. Regrets I cannot guarantee that at this stage. Fabulous v2.0 one day?

What Comes After Fabulous v1.0?

Together we’ll design something bespoke for you when we get to the three-month point if you even feel you need it. I’m 18 months in and while I no longer rely on my buddy, supportive environments are key to my continuing success, but I can teach you how to set those up during our time together so that they go on working for you afterwards too. But this you need to know about me… once a client, always a client, and that means I will always be interested in your wellbeing, I shall keep an eye on it from afar and be delighted when you send me a newsy update.

Questions? Details?

All you have to do is ask.

Email me

Message me via Facebook

And Here’s That Disclaimer I Mentioned Earlier

The information I’ll share with you is designed solely to inspire you to begin experimenting with a low-carb way of eating. I am not a doctor or a health professional, I don’t claim to be any sort of nutrition expert and I don’t yet know who you are or what symptoms you suffer if any. If you feel you need to consult anyone before deciding what to put into your own mouth or not, then go for it. The work we will do together is based on my personal experiences where the low carb lifestyle has worked and continues to work for me in miraculous ways. I don’t know what it will do for you and can make no guarantees except as to my own performance during those three months, to teach, inspire, support and encourage. Please make the decision to work with me thoughtfully and commit to being Fabulous whilst also, at the same time, taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing. You’d expect nothing less, right?

Since you’ve read all the way to the bottom, here’s that PayPal Link for £750.00 again. 

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