A Fabulous Testimonial Has Flooded In…

A fabulous testimonial has flooded in from a lady who wishes, for the moment,  to remain anonymous.   She has recently joined my Better Business Brigade but we have been working together informally and exchanging skills for nearly a year now. And we met on Twitter so there’s a poke in the eye for people who say that Social Media Marketing doesn’t work!

Here’s what my lovely new client has to say about what she has achieved even before we started to work formally together:

Dear Judith

I forgot to say in the meeting that I am so grateful for the advice you have already given me which has helped us to re-assess our finances – by re-mortgaging, paying off two loans and massively reducing credit card debt we are in excess of £1,000 a month better off as a direct result of your advice and the book you gave me.   The knowledge I have gained about money from you in a relatively short time after 30+ years of believing I did not deserve the money I needed and wanted has already transformed my life and my marriage and finally stopped me from giving and lending money which I do not have. I just wanted you to know that and I have no doubt that you are indeed a financial Fairy Godmother sent from a Higher Power!   Thanks a Million.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, that gorgeous heart-warming message came contained in a beautiful sunshiny-yellow card, the cover of which says – and is now proudly and cheerfully displayed on my garden office bookshelves – “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves”  by James Barrie.*

It’s a good day indeed when the post brings such a missive.


*Want one of those cards? You can buy a little stash of them UrbanGraphic.co.uk

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