A Few Snippets from My Favourite Testimonials

From Rachel: “Fabulous intuitive mentoring session with @JudithMorgan – she’s brilliant!!!”

From Madeleine: “Judith is clear thinking, patient, always positive, a fantastic  motivator and full of great ideas.   She breaks down what seems like  an overwhelming task into manageable chunks which makes them seem easy and achievable.  I’m on a natural high after talking to Judith and feel like I can achieve anything.  Without Judith my dreams would still be just that instead of the wonderful reality that is slowly emerging right now.  I’m excited, enjoying myself and it doesn’t feel like work at all.  I don’t want it to stop!”

From Marion: “Judith Morgan is the best business coach/mentor I know.  She sees things others don’t (or long before they do), her mind is as sharp as a razor, yet she delivers her wisdom with love and respect for her clients.  She is great at listening to one’s ramblings, quickly understanding what you’re trying to do and has an immense and genuine belief in what you can achieve.”

From Anne: “I’ve known of Judith for a while and really enjoyed the work on her blog and website. I’ve been working with her as part of a group coaching programme for the past 6 months. And it’s been great. Judith brings an unusual mixture of  great business savvy and empathy and compassion to her work. She understands what success looks and tastes like, but she also is deeply empathic to the unique struggles of the entrepreneur’s life. She is also inspirational in that she walks her talk and is constantly evolving and growing her own businesses…I’d highly recommend working with her.”

From James: “A very big thank you for helping me to not only find a potential buyer of the business but also for all your support while we have been developing it. It has been both challenging and liberating and I am delighted. You have been nothing but positive, helpful and above all a great friend when times have been tough – for this I cannot thank you enough. It surprised me as to how much I have learnt while running the business and it will set me up well for my next venture. Although I have not yet cracked the passive income objective I have now raised maximum capital from my property (as recommended by yourself) and am about to plunge into the property world.   Once again a huge thank you for our time together.”

From Ron: “Judith Morgan has amazing insights – into you and your business. She provides pragmatic coaching, with honest feedback, and it works.”

From Lisa: “I’ve been a regular reader of your blog since January and LOVE it, and after reading your abundance log just now, thought it was about time I set about letting you know! Judith, I LOVE your blog – you’re a total inspir-o girl and unknowingly, encourage me to try new things – like, keep an abundance log for example, what a fab idea! Also, I just LOVE the life you have created and I LOVE how you make it okay to want to make a difference AND to make money, lots of money – something I have real difficulty with.”

From Jeremy: “Sharp, witty, funny, quick, great fun, always good to spend time with, that’s you.   Warm, lovely, generous, unselfish, kind, special, that’s you.   Great teacher, explainer, perspective, skill with handling people, entertainer, that’s you.   I was very proud to know you last night, you were awesome, thank you so much – finally converted and excited about trying.   It was also such an enjoyable experience.”

From Jacqui: “My sincere thanks for yesterday. It was hugely useful to me and it has enabled me to get much clearer on what is next and I feel much more empowered as a result of the session. I have already implemented two of your very useful recommendations. I am looking forward to sitting down early next week and making notes on what we agreed and moving everything to the next stage. The biggest difference for me is that I now really believe that these important changes are going to happen and I feel massively ‘unstuck’. You have allowed me to see where my thinking was not clear and opened up possibilities. Thank-you! I am excited.”

From Sarah: “I just wanted to say thank you for being such an ace coach – this has been a bit of a mini journey within a journey and I think I had to go through all of the running in different directions in order to get to this point and be comfortable with what I’ve finally chosen to concentrate on and you’ve been brilliant in helping me get there. Thank you for all your support, clear headedness, straight talking and kicks up the backside. Here’s to the future which I know now is set to be a good’un!

What have I learned in my time with you?
• That it’s not such a bad thing to have a few mistakes along the way (at least we know what feels wrong)
• That it’s better to follow your gut than to go for ‘shoulds’
• That the easiest money is often in front of your nose and requires zero effort which frees the brain up for the master plan
• That I’m not a fan of internet marketing!! Had to have a go to know….
• That things don’t happen overnight but do happen if you start to put things together piece by piece
• That being a bit ‘gung ho’ (in the eyes of others) isn’t such a bad thing
And I’m sure there’s much more I’ve missed out that I don’t know I’ve learned yet!

Anyway – you know I’m not the gushing type so just thanks again.”

From Paula: “With the incredible inspiration and momentum achieved through working with Judith, we have increased the value our property portfolio by over £600K, doubled our income in 2 years and have Financial Freedom in our sights.”

From Peter: You mentioned that you help people with money.   You’re right, but it’s like saying that Bill Gates isn’t short of a bob or two, or that I wouldn’t kick Jennifer Aniston out of bed. Both statements are true, but woefully understated.   What you fail to mention is that you don’t just help people with money, you get them to start with a blank piece of paper, design their ideal life, then make a plan to get them there. Even when they don’t know what this will look like, you coach them to find their nirvana. I should know, I was one. As if that wasn’t enough, you help people do that magical thing of “being all they can be”. William Wallace said ” All men die, few men truly live”. What better epitaph can there be than “Peter – he was all he could be?”

From Christine: “I first met Judith when attending my first Money Gym event at The Globe in Oct 2007.   I had been feeling extremely desperate, depressed and on wrist-cutting edge having just had a meeting with my “financial advisor” – whom I was beginning to develop an intense dislike to (30-ish with aspirations of becoming a ‘partner in the business’ dependent on how many clients he had).  I had shown him my entire financial situation laid out on paper – assets, liabilities etc. and he had thought my situation quite dire – and what was I going to do about a pension – what was going to happen to me with all my debt?   Enter Judith – who looked at the same piece of paper and thought things looked pretty good – quite exciting in fact! Rather than debt she saw the picture more in asset terms (glass half full versus half empty). With enthusiasm she said we could raise money here – do this there – change this mortgage, invest there etc etc. Suddenly things were looking up! I loved her enthusiasm and the way she used the word “we” – suddenly I wasn’t alone – it was not just “me”.

I already had 2 properties plus 2 buy-to-lets in the process of refurb and am now in the process of buying a third. However now I am in a much better place, armed with so much more knowledge and confidence. With the knowledge I now have I can move forward in a much more informed direction.  Apart from Judith’s wealth of knowledge and helping me to think “outside the box”, for which I am extremely grateful, have now met a brilliant group of people and have a whole network who collectively have vast amounts of knowledge and help to give which is brilliant!”

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