A Good Marketing Week

London busesA good marketing week is one where you get to see the results on your marketing efforts. The vast majority of my marketing is done online. I don’t leave home for two reasons: I don’t like networking and I want my business to be global and the best way to reach out to the world is via the internet.

I’ve been found by three different people for two different reasons this week, and they were all online.

Two people who could only have found me via my website and blog and social media are a publisher and a journalist. The publisher is from Australia and has confirmed I will feature in one of their 2016 books at no cost to myself and some rather nice perks from them. It’s a bargain for them, to be honest, but that’s absolutely fine with me too because the content they are paying me to publish will continue to do my marketing for me for many years to come.

The other is a British journalist who didn’t give me enough notice (it was ever thus, sadly) to help her produce meaningful content (“pearls of wisdom”) for an article which would have appeared in one of the UK’s Top 10 women’s monthly magazines. Although I was too busy to participate this week, it was nice to be asked and I hope she’ll give me more notice next time so that I can do a good job for her readers. I was able to refer that lead on to someone who I think is probably better placed to respond quickly. We shall see.

The third was a prospective new client who booked herself into my online diary for January from New Zealand. Yes, that’s a challenging time difference, GMT+13 at this time of the year. But we can make it work; where there’s a will there’s a way. She said she had been introduced to me by a marketing expert and had listened to a handful of our podcasts and that had helped her come to know me.

Nicola and I have been podcasting for a year now and yesterday we recorded Episode 59 for broadcast on Christmas Day. I’ve been blogging since God was a lad and this is the 1006th current post on my website.

The online marketing’s working. It always has and it always will so long as I keep at it, creating searchable useful content and being found. Nothing works necessarily overnight, but concerted effort reaps rewards. Dig in for victory and, as one of my clients remarked yesterday, three in one week is like buses – they all come along at once! Don’t give up. You must trust that you are doing valuable work which one day will hit critical mass, and long before your 1006th post!

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