A Good Plan or Some Great Intentions?

Business Meeting NotesSome of my clients want to have A Good Plan. And I understand why, I really do. A Good Plan makes you feel like a proper businesswoman, someone who looks like she knows what she’s doing. You hope it might guide you through your foggy procrastination and be a roadmap out of the headless chicken space we so often occupy when working alone at home, especially those of us used to working in a team in the former day job where we had a boss breathing down our necks and where we had to be productive.

I think I’ve only ever had one simple plan, to grow the project I’m working on at any one time. Formerly that’s been any number of businesses, accountancy, travel, catering, cleaning but which right now is my coaching business.

There are so many things to do when you run your own business from home and these can be further complicated by the very fact that you are at home e.g. child care and other domestic matters.

A good plan will also give you direction, I think. But it’s probably more about feeling safe and supported and knowing what to do with your time, how to prioritise and get things done and how to focus.

Business plans make me yawn. What I like is knowing what I am doing and why I’m doing it. For me, these days, it’s more a set of great intentions about how I want to be of service to as many small business owners as I can and bringing my forty years of business and life experience to my work in a way which is useful to my clients. That’s my intention. That’s the intention with which I get out of bed each coaching day and every blogging day.

I know that I am marketing so I can be with clients and that my job is to find different ways to bring my unique combination of skills and personality to their attention so that we might choose to work together. Right now that’s about creating great affordable groups and personal 1-2-1 offerings and my new Pay What You Want option too. I bring all my creativity to my central cause, that of sharing my accumulated life and business wisdom in a way which is helpful and supportive for my clients while allowing me to live the life I want. That’s my plan. That’s also my intention.

What do you want in your business? Why are you doing what you’re doing? These are the sort of things we might explore together and which might also turn into either a good plan or a set of great intentions. Whatever you need. Whatever you want. Whatever works. Let’s experiment!

Your Biz Your Way

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