A Gorgeous, Brilliant and Shiny New Idea For My Client

two sparkplugs togetherThere’s nothing so gorgeous, brilliant and shiny for a Creator as a great new idea for my business, or for yours. And I have lots of great ideas on my own. But the best ones are those I co-create with my clients and they just come unbidden to either one of us during a call, as happened earlier today. We both found the new idea very gorgeous and spent just a few moments sighing at its beauty before using it as a stepping stone for more goodies falling effortlessly into place.

I used to play the piano at school and I was quite good on my own. I was better in a duet but I was at my utmost best in a two piano duet where the magic and the exquisite quality of the communication between the two players, though physically further apart, was something I have not matched since, not musically anyway. That was a truly great artistic partnership.

Today’s idea was effortless in its magic. It just came tumbling out in a way where it was confusing whose idea it was and it couldn’t have mattered less as we were both so happy in its rightness. It took both of us to create that. It came out of my mouth, but without my client it wouldn’t have been sparked at all. Whose idea is that actually? Who cares!

Do you have someone with whom you can co-create brilliant ideas for your business? If not, let me know how I can help. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.


Your Biz Your Way

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