A Mad Old Woman With Far Too Many Toothbrushes

It’s an age thing, apparently.  I will come through it and out the other side and my memory will return.   This week a very odd thing has happened to me, a first in fact.   Monday morning, I’m driving up to the wondrous new St Pancras International Railway Station for the 3rd meeting of my Property Boardroom, having been up rather early to interview Rick Otton.   And I find I can’t remember (or tell) whether or not I have cleaned my teeth.   Since I am about to spend the day in close proximity with a lot of nice, attactive people I make plans to rectify this forthwith.   I park up in the station carpark and walk through to our meeting point, stopping off at Boots to buy a toothbrush and some toothpaste.   Only its a BOGOF and so I end up with two toothbrushes and two tubes of Colgate, neither of which I want or am able to give away during the course of the day.

And then, blow me down, it happened again today, Saturday!   I’m getting a lift up to Victoria with a friend (because there’s no parking there) and I suddenly realise I have no recollection of cleaning my teeth this morning.   Suffice to say I also don’t have with me any of the purchases from St Pancras’ Boots on Monday.   So I bob into Costcutter next to Starbucks round the back in Victoria and repeat the process from Monday.   Life is often stranger than fiction.

I am now the proud owner of three unwanted toothbrushes and three unwanted tubes of toothpaste, two of each of which have been used once, total expenditure approaching a tenner!   Oh, for heaven’s sake… how annoying is that?   And the worst of it is that ever since my gum operation in November, I am on SPECIAL toothbrushes and toothpaste imported at vast expense and not a little inconvenience from France.   Doh.

Upside: lesson learned, one set in pink handbag for permanent back up.   Let me know if there’s a drastic shortage of either at your house and I can ship ’em in.   In bulk.   And all in sensible unisex colours because, of course, when you buy in extremis, there’s never a pink one, is there?

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