A Problem Halved: Who Can I Talk To About This?

I’m not much of a one for life coaching and people hardly ever ask me to go there. Yes, I am officially a self-appointed Wise Old Bird and my business mentoring and wealth coaching clients do have lives too, of course. And you’d be amazed how much their lives spill over into the work we do together and vice versa.

But pure life coaching issues? Non merci. I’m more of an observer of those sorts of things, rather than a participant in them per se, and consequently I feel I may be out of integrity when it comes to supporting people through this sort of emotionally messy stuff.

And yet I am trained as a life coach too, despite that training being a decade or so back now, and this week someone flattered me by asking themselves the question “Who can I talk to about this?” and finding that “Judith Morgan” was the answer which came. So she booked herself into my online diary and hey presto, there I was listening to a tale of quasi-marital and family woes and self-confessed self-sabotage. My client is brave and self-knowing.

[I am wondering to myself as I write this if perhaps it is a good thing I am not an active participant in this sort of stuff. Perhaps I can be a better listener because of that fact?]

Anyhow, we got there. We got to a place where my client not only felt good but empowered sufficiently to manage her emotions for a better outcome for all concerned, all those she loves – and it was a multi-layered dilemma with family repercussions affecting ex partners and children too. Brave bird. Proactive bird.

Even better then for me to receive this testimonial before bedtime on the same day which my client says I may share, albeit anonymously:

Hi Judith, M rang earlier and we had a lovely chat. It was so nice to be able to ‘go in’ with a positive mind, body and spirit – and I know I wouIdn’t have been able to do that before our call. It all feels good now with only reasonable challenges to overcome and not insurmountable ones. Happy for you to use whatever of the content of our call you think might be useful to others, blogging etc. Thanks again.

No, thank you. It was an honour to be trusted in this capacity and to be asked to be serve. Honestly, I mean that.

So, here’s an thought for you, Gentle Reader. When you find yourself wondering “Who can I talk to about this?”, who you gonna call?

Here’s a couple of ways that might work for us both:

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