A Sea Change

earth-216834_640I am drawing a lot of people into my work right now who want to consult about making a Really Big Change in their lives. A sea change. A profound or notable transformation. Out with the old and in with the new. That sort of a change.

I suspect this is because I am doing this myself. I am selling up in London, my home town since 1977, with a view to taking my life and business on the road as always intended since at least 2006.

My podcast partner has been inspired and spurred on to do the same, she’s off to Greece with her sister imminently.

And last week there was a veritable flood of people sick and tired of the old wanting to do something surprising and radically different. What did I think?

These are people who are working successfully in the UK and drawing opportunities to them which show them the way back to their own original homes, albeit in steps. Opportunities abound. That’s a clue.

Or people who have spent a very long time investing in their own businesses and enjoyed it, been successful, made a lot of money, achieved a high profile, but find themselves wanting to do something simpler and easier now. Experienced business owners who are ready to experiment with a different business model. Will the grass be greener?

And people who’ve lost their way or fallen out of love with their current way of life.

These are not just Creators, like me, ready for the next new idea. That’s a much smaller thing than I am describing, although I am happy to talk to you too and help you decide whether to twist or stick.

I am never surprised when I get a rash of clients wanting to discuss approximately the same thing all at the same time, we are all energetically connected after all. And we are subjected to the same influences and creative people will always pick up on these energies and be amongst the first to feel differently. Some in this list have even shocked themselves and surprised me too, but in a good way.

It’s all the rage to reinvent yourself and your business. And why on earth not?

What concerns could there be?

Transitioning from one income stream to another can be managed.

What will people think? Easy if you don’t care, and OK in the end as most people are not fixated on what you are up to. And what business is it of theirs anyhow? I do often ask about your nearest and dearest because it may have an impact on them, for sure.

Do I think it’s a good idea? Not sure, let me hear the facts and figures, the costs, the investment of cash, the time commitment etc.

How are you going to manage a foot in both camps for a while? Can you ditch one and go straight for the other? If not, can you work twice as hard for a bit? Is the motivation and pull of the new strong enough? Yes, usually it is, especially if you are excited.

Are you feeling it? Are you ready for a sea change? If you are reading this, I’ll bet you are!

Your Biz Your Way

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