A Superfluity of Success

Last week my clients in Club 100 thought they broke me. Pffft! As if. But I tell you this…if I was gonna go, that’s the way I’d want it to be, in a week like that, a week of joy and celebration with my fabulous clients.

And, to be fair, I gave them good cause to think they’d broken me and that it was All Their Faul

One day last week their good news just kept on coming in waves and it has barely stopped this week. And, credit where credit is due, it is all down to them. They just wanted to share their good news with me and I was in awe of and happy for their achievements, hard work, bravery and wins. I was dancing with joy for them and eventually this led to me having to lie down in a darkened room and just hug it all to me. Fit to burst I was.

I’ve put my analytical thinking cap on, my accountant’s head, and had a look at what had caused this rash of success. It was surely a coincidence it had all come in the same week, but what underlying reasons could I see for all these ace results?

  • A was shortlisted for a prestigious London art exhibition.
  • S received excellent feedback for her creative writing.
  • Another A took action on something we’d been debating for many months, finding herself ready now.
  • J published a piece of audio about which she felt especially vulnerable and it has been much enjoyed and lauded.
  • C started dating a hunk.
  • L doubled her profits over last year.

In order to be shortlisted, you have to be brave enough to enter. In order to receive positive feedback for your creative output you have to learn, hone and offer it up for critique. In order to date a hunk, you have to put yourself out there. In order to double your profits in a year you have to start seeing, learning, understanding and doing things differently. And in order to take action after many months, you just have to sit with the problem until action is the only inevitable conclusion.

My role in all of this is to help you monetise your creativity.

It is to help you hone your thoughts and ideas and convert them into action.

And it is to support you through the emotions and wrong-turns and all the other challenges that life throws at all of us from time to time.

But above all it is to give you a good listening to, to be someone for you to talk to and brainstorm with and to help you to see things differently so that it is easier for you to get up and give it another go.

I calculated that the average time these achievers have been with me in Club 100 was 2.4 years i.e. they are the sort of people who don’t give up, they just keep on keeping on.

That’s not nearly as easy to do as it is to write. In those 2.4 years other clients have come and gone, and they go because they are embarrassed to keep turning up when progress seems at times to be imperceptible.  Or because they are impatient for results and think there must be a faster way. But not this week’s winners. They didn’t fall into either of those entrepreneur’s traps, the list of which is endless.

You can only see how far you’ve come when you look back over a decent length of journey with someone who’s been there with you every step of the way, like an unconditionally loving parent or partner. That’s why they knew I’d appreciate their good news.

Success comes from putting in the hours, building this year on what you did last year and the one before that. It doesn’t come overnight. I do want to help to accelerate it for you, that’s very much a part of my mission. And, like everything, there are leaps ahead at times thankfully, ‘cos they are what encourage us en route.

But these wins have come for clients who would be the first to tell you they have doubted and had long nights of the soul and who have felt the need to thank me at times for my patience. I don’t need thanks, it is enough to be on your team and to celebrate your successes with you. But thank you for your thank you. It is really exciting to be in your life right now. And it is always an honour, even in less exciting weeks which, let’s face it, make up most of our work together.

I also don’t really think of it as patience. I know what’s involved. I know what it takes. And I take it upon myself to help you find those resources, just what you need and just when you need it.  That’s my favourite bit actually, to help you this day, this week and this month to find what you need to raise your vibe and get into action in a way which will eventually have a payoff for you, whether it be critical acclaim or making money from your creativity or – ideally – both!

And when you win, as you have done this week in droves, we are both overjoyed.

WELL DONE me hearties!

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