A Very Productive 48 Hours

St Judith It just happens if you don’t force it – you find form.   I hit the ground running yesterday morning with a big pile of stuff which needed doing and I polished most of it off yesterday – I ordered some new clothes which arrived in the post today. I have tried them all on, kept the ones I liked and already returned the ones I didn’t and ordered some more. Mail order is a bit hit and miss but a boon.

I’ve done the filing, ordinary and financial.

I am up to date with The Archers.

I have placed adverts for my Rent2Own business which I had been meaning to do ever since Xmas.

I have spoken to clients, colleagues and contacts in Spain, LA, Brighton and Leatherhead.

I am up to date with all my Cartel paperwork and everything is posted off to Head Office.

I have Twittered, and blogged, written some marketing emails, and got out a couple of ezines.

I have taken three or four jobs out of my in-tray which have been there a very long time and crossed them off the list – including talking to BT (!), ordering some light bulbs, fixing the drainpipe.

The gardeners have started to concrete my side paths.

The cleaning lady has been.

I am closer than ever to getting my tenant’s electric meter problem sorted out – closer than ever in four years of trying!

I’ve sorted out my inbox (only 2 emails awaiting attention).

I’ve written a thankyou email for lunch on Sunday and sent cards and presents to those I love who have birthdays tomorrow and Thursday, you know who you are and I celebrate you.  

I’ve paid bills, and walked to the Post Office and drawn out the cash for the labourers even though I shall be away in Lincoln on Thursday and in East Finchley on Friday.

And my car’s coming back from the garage on Friday too.

Honestly, is there a feeling like being on top of yer jobs?   I think not.   I am an absolute saint who is retiring to bed early tonight since I have to be in Fulham for an 0830 start.   Yesterday I worked from 0830 to about 2300 and today I’m caving in at 2100.

The only thing I havent done is ordered some groceries online.   That will just have to wait.

And if I have promised to do something for you and not yet delivered, now would be the time to remind me!

Do you know how GOOD this feels?

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