About You

  • You’ve found your way here for a reason, no matter how convoluted the route.
  • You have the sense that I may be able to help you with something – money, marketing, inspiration or accountability.
  • You are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or self-employed by choice or by default, or you’d like some help out of the day job so you can begin that journey to greater freedom.
  • You’d like to make more money more easily and improve your relationship with money forever.
  • You’d like to pick my brains about something…anything!
  • You want to connect with someone who knows how it feels to be you.
  • You don’t feel quite so relaxed, successful and clutter-free as that blonde in the photo looks and you sure could use some of what she’s on.
  • You’ve got questions and you are looking for answers.
  • You want some advice or opinion.
  • You want to learn to trust yourself to run Your Biz Your Way.

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