Abundant August: How Did You Do It?

Life isn’t ALL about money, but it doesn’t half help.

And those of us in and around the world of coaching, with vision boards and goals and those of us in business with targets know only too well how important it is to nail the things you aim for.

Apart from anything else, it re-wires us for success. It sets a new financial blueprint. It’s payback for a lot of hard work. And it proves we can do it so then we know we can repeat it if we want to, as often as we like. It’s our formula for success.

When clients call me to share their successes I often ask them “How did you do it?” Not because I need to know their process, but so I can be sure that they do. So they can do it again whenever they need to and they can see that it isn’t a lucky accident.

I am going through old newsletters which I wrote years back and, in the summer of 2008, I had a particularly abundant August, traditionally a month where we think much isn’t going on and that year was right at the start of “The Recession” so it did have the propensity to look a bit like a fluke.

A couple of my helpful coachy pals turned the question round to me and asked me “How did you do that?” and my answer was “I’m not exactly sure but I think it has something to do with…

  • Getting up every day and pursuing my goals and my dreams with persistence and passion.
  • A deep love and joy in the work that I do and gratitude for it.
  • A love of helping people and making that my raison d’etre.
  • An ability to recognise “a deal” and a facility with understanding people and how they relate to money.
  • The preparedness to keep on learning and pick myself up after disasters, appreciating exocets for their best learning.
  • The tenacity to go against the grain, following my Universal nudges.
  • Writing it down and making it happen.   Lists and more lists.
  • Creating a strong and powerful vision both in words and pictures and dwelling in that vision often, being very closely aligned with it.
  • The excitement of hunting down or spotting new opportunities to share with clients.
  • The ability to take fast action as soon as a good idea presents itself.
  • The strength to change in all sorts of ways, occasionally when it was not my choice to change!
  • Deliberately choosing every day to practise abundance – as opposed to scarcity.
  • The loyal support of wonderful, inspiring colleagues and the generosity and love and laughter with friends.
  • Stamina and self-discipline, keeping on keeping on.
  • The entrepreneurial ability to change tack during what is now officially known as “The Recession”.   I don’t believe a word of it myself but it behoves us to offer the sort of services and products that folks will buy during a period of reduced confidence for as long as the media continue to persuade us that these circumstances pertain.
  • Finally, I think its got something to do with authenticity.   I constantly look for the easiest, happiest and most efficient ways to live my own dreams, living from my intuition increasingly, and I really want to help more clients who are ready to give up the struggle.”

So, how do YOU do it?

Look back to something which happened recently which went well, something you breezed through, some happy circumstances which appeared to just turn up in your life out of the blue. How did you do it? How did you create it? How did it manifest?

I hope you’ll share.

Your Biz Your Way

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