Accountability & Getting It Done: Podcast Ep 165

In today’s show, Nicola and I talk about accountability. What’s the best way to get things done in your business and in your life? Is it to have accountability in the form of a coach or a buddy? How about for some distraction-free productivity? Weekly check-ins. To Do Lists. Deadlines. Counting or measuring something meaningful. Joining up with a 7/30/90/365-day Challenge. What helps you? Nicola introduces what she calls Supportive Environments and describes having to write a chapter of her sci-fi novel to read aloud at Write Club this week, and joining a book club to help her read more and better books outside her normal reading choices.

We talk about those who join weight loss clubs where you get measured and weighed, and about those of us who can’t get to the gym/exercise class without a buddy or a personal trainer. We discuss whether or not we are self-directed or need someone else breathing down our necks in lieu of a boss, and how increasingly I come to the view that doing what you love in ways you can’t wait to have fun with is what I think is a dead cert to get it done. Those engaged in shoulds and oughts and sensible plans and left-brained logical paths appear to fall at hurdles where other clients on fire with their thing make serious strides over the months and years.

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In other news, Nicola’s had a week of sunny windy weather in Greece, pretty much as we have had here in England too. She’s keeping up with her pledge to create a daily email to her list during January and using her new email signature to open up her diary to potential new clients. She amuses us with tales of getting her Greek wrong in the butchers and restaurants, and the ladies at Write Club have put her right on that. I’ve had a good week too, blogging every day for starters and that causes me to discuss Instant Articles with her, and the pros and cons of paid articles in my blog posts versus readers being able to see my posts on Facebook – and fast – without having to click through to my website to do that and wait, and wait, and wait. I’ve also worked with a VA to create a new template for my newsletter, and one newbie in my diary was given her session by her other half for Christmas. I was someone’s Xmas gift!

I share three very nice pieces of feedback I’ve had about the book and I talk about whether or not I love evidence that my writing is changing lives as much or more than the revenue from sales. It certainly makes the effort worthwhile. Nicola’s doing sales-y things with videos and long-form sales letters and split testing in regard to her C&L Academy.

Our words of the week are Catch-up (hers) and Worry (mine). I’m teaching my clients to stop worrying, about anything, ever.

Project updates include podcast download numbers holding steady, N’s new scene for her sci-fi novel and my book sales numbers (68) and reviews (17). I am loving have the book to offer to potential new clients so that they can get a really good feel for me and my work before we start together, and also as an opportunity for them to pay a small sum of money to kickstart our commercial relationship. That’s very useful and another unexpected benefit of having become a business author.

Nicola is impressed by herself fixing stuff on her broken computer, and by the Penn Cage novels by Greg Iles. And I am still loving Creating the Impossible by Michael Neill and The Post starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. It’s my movie time of year again.

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