Weekly Accountability Means Stuff Gets Done – in the End!

DONEMondays are weekly check-in days for my clients in Club 100.

My Mondays belong to you. Firstly you are encouraged to send in a weekly report picking a couple of things you will do this coming week over and above normal business workload. These are the things which count, which make a difference when you get them done. And then you are to report back next week and tell us how you got on, and pick a couple more things if all of last week’s got DONE or bring them forward, if not.

We are on a roll right now with these reports. Not everyone needs accountability and my clients are all grown-ups so I leave them to make that decision for themselves. But I very definitely encourage everyone to check in. One thing I notice is this… the more you participate in everything on offer, the better your results.

The weekly check-ins are developing a language all their own – DONE, DONE-ISH, DOING, ALMOST DONE and NOT DONE. Apart from NOT DONE, what do all the rest have in common? They are action words, denoting forward movement. Some of the forward movement is swift and enthusiastic. The DONE-ISH, DOING and ALMOST DONE means this is taking a bit longer than I thought but I am ploughing on regardless because you are all watching and because I know you care, Judith.

The lingering long-term NOT DONES are the ones I’m on the lookout for. Why are you not doing that thing you said you would? And this is what we’ve worked out. The stuff you love gets done, pronto. The stuff you love yourself enough to do also gets done, eventually.

The tough stuff doesn’t get done easily or all on your lonesome unless you’ve got an awful lot of backbone. And most serious and important stuff takes more than a week. So you need us cheering you on, and sharing our thoughts and helpful ideas and resources, and our appreciation of you doing those ones as week by week you chip away at it and eventually you get there – you launch or publish or master something techie. You push through. You succeed. You get it done.

There’s a bigger win at the end of the tough stuff, a bigger sense of achievement.

But I definitely do not believe that it’s ALL got to be tough to be either valuable or seriously important to your business. When it’s right it’s easy. And, of course, stuff that you don’t like doesn’t necessarily need to be done by you, or at all. Perhaps there’s a better way?

That’s what we are looking for – ways for you to get stuff done, in the end. Ways for it to be cheaper, easier, faster. Ways for you to work and have a life. Ways for you to enjoy creating a business. Ways for you to feel good about your progress even though your kids are on half term, your mother needs you to sort stuff out for her, your husband went to work with your car keys in his pocket, it’s your birthday, your sister’s coming to stay, you feel a bit under the weather and your computer’s on the blink. Perhaps I should mention that’s a normal week between thirty or so Clubbers, not that that’s on any one member’s plate toay! Phew.

And guess what? That’s precisely what happens. What you measure improves. What you tell us you will do, you mostly get done in the end or you find a better way.

Weekly accountability is one a key success factor of working in Club 100. There are six spaces left right now if you know that’s what you need – accountability, someone else keeping an eye on you, helping you and making it easier and celebrating your successes. Don’t forget that last bit, it’s vital.

  • Join the Club 100
  • Check in
  • Get stuff done


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