The Acid Test for My Book: Your Biz Your Way

Despite having taken all my previous books (such as they were) OFF Amazon in a fit of pique a couple of years ago because the income wasn’t worth the paperwork, last weekend I re-opened my account at KDP and uploaded Your Biz Your Way for sale there too. Now I’ve almost lost count of the number of different places and ways and formats in which you can buy all of the book, read some of it or get the first chapter for FREE. 

This included re-opening my Amazon Author Page. It’s not perfect, and I notice they no longer allow you to hyperlink to your social media accounts which is a shame (or, at least, if they do I couldn’t find that functionality any longer) but I was able to upload my little Lumen5 videos of the first few questions, which I enjoyed. I simply wouldn’t have been able to do that when last I was an Amazon author.

But the best bit was discovering that instead of sending you impenetrable spreadsheets listing sales in differing tiny amounts in various foreign currencies in all the multifarious territories in which Amazon operates, they now have a gorgeous online interface which not only tells me how many people have bought the Kindle eBook (two at the time of writing!) but – and this is SO cool – it tells you how many pages people have read on the various Amazon programs where you can read for free whether it be Unlimited or Prime or whatever. 216 on the first day and 38 on the next and given that my Kindle eBook is only 274 pages long, that’s not bad especially since they remunerate you BY THE PAGE!! I’m fairly sure that percentage is only a tiny fraction of a penny, but hey… I choose to anticipate it’ll add up. And since part of the goal is to be read, it definitely ticks that box.

That’s quite the acid test, isn’t it, measuring you by the pages read? Especially when so many people, myself included, have a Kindle stuffed full of books we haven’t read yet. The spirit is so willing!

Buy or read my book on Kindle at Amazon UK here. And yes it’s on the US and Canada Amazons and on those other ones too. I notice euro versions of the print books have picked up of late. One of my great thrills in this world is reaching people across the English-speaking world. More of that please, Big U.

Your Biz Your Way

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