Acknowledging My Good: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Four

Abundance E. TolleAcknowledging my good includes but is not limited to: My friends, my family, my health, my creative and fast brain and my brilliant ideas, my GSOH, all my clients past and present, my businesses, my investments, my cat Mitsy, my lovely garden flat, my lovely garden, the Abundance Shed. And all the places I’ve travelled in the world.

My ability to love almost everyone, how much time there is in every moment of every day and for the rest of my life (I am planning on making it to 100 years of age in good health in mind, body and spirit). How many opportunities turn up and with what frequency, taking my life in directions I hadn’t anticipated, mostly good, all good if you look at it from that perspective, which I do.

All the things I enjoy like books and films, tall tales I tell and that others tell me. Keeping an open mind about life’s lessons and considering them from all angles, the wisdom and inspiration of gurus, writers and almost everyone I meet and everything I choose to watch on BBC iPlayer. My beautician, Sue, pal of nearly twenty years. All the nourishing homes I’ve lived in and properties I’ve owned and still do. All the wonderful women and men who have come into my life; some who stay, others I let pass on through (!).

My hopes and dreams, adventures and businesses still to come, everything waiting for me in divine escrow both imagined and as yet unimagined. People and things that make me laugh. Challenges and conundrums. Juice recipes. Vegetables and fruit in their infinite colour and variety. Reasons to celebrate, the generosity of others and their faith in me, both founded and unfounded, so many people to love, appreciate and thank. The lovely furry Zen masters and mistresses (pussy cats) who have travelled me during my life so far, so much learned from you guys about the way to live life, in the moment.

Words. Writing. Vocab. Sayings. Memories lived and re-lived and yet to come.

And the locksmith at my door, solving today’s challenge!

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