All the Aspects of Being an Entrepreneur

Recently I awoke to what was perhaps the best testimonial I have ever received, see below from Alison.

If I were ranking my testimonials – which happily I am not ‘cos that would be bizarre and just wrong, right? – it would be right up there very close to the top of my top ten.

I am sharing Alison’s preamble too as there’s learning in it for us all. Answers on a postcard please to what that is!

“Dear Judith,

I have been on your mailing list since 2008 – and so pleased that we have finally connected. Your advice and input has been invaluable and I’m still playing that last half hour of our session over and getting more from it. So thank you, words are not enough. I will definitely be back for more and have talked to so many people about you. xxx”

Then here’s the (extra) good testimonial bit:

“I contacted Judith recently because I was relaunching my business after a 12-year break and had no idea where to begin. I immediately realised that I was in very capable hands. Her straight talking, practical approach had my business plan mapped out inside 30 minutes, with clear action steps to take after we finished our call.

The accountant in her had worked out my profit in minutes, along with a strategy to make the money I needed to support myself and put my son through Uni.

What makes Judith absolutely unique though, is her ability to draw together both the practical – and the expansive, creative, visionary aspects of being an entrepreneur so that you come away feeling that every aspect of you and your business has been patiently heard, acknowledged and understood. She also has a knack of bringing out the best in people.

As soon as I implemented what we discussed I started making sales. I have been in business for 28 years and after discovering Judith, I wouldn’t bother going anywhere else for business coaching. She’s quite simply the best and most generous small business coach out there. “Alison Roberts, Universal Journey

Alison, Beloved. Thank you for my early birthday prezzie!

Your Biz Your Way

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