All You Have To Do Is Ask

Are you self-employed or contemplating starting your own business? Not sure how you will fund it? Not sure if your idea is good enough? Not sure how you will support yourself until you bring in enough income? Scared? Excited?

Or have you already taken the plunge? How it’s going? Still looking for The Big One? Bit depressed about how long it’s all taking?

Whatever stage of your own entrepreneurship ¬†you are at, you probably have questions…and I’d like to provide the answers – entirely free of charge.

I’ve been a small business accountant for twenty years and a entrepreneur mentor and wealth coach for the last ten years. I’ve been round the houses a lot and worked with over 1,000 small businesses, entrepreneurs and self-employed people and freelancers. There’s not much I haven’t seen or learned myself first hand. It’s been the work of a lifetime and I’ve loved every moment, despite the ups and downs, especially the downs where the learning is always best.

But I easily forget what I know, until you ask.

Would you do me a favour please – and ask? I’d love nothing more than to share my expertise, which it has taken me 35 years to acquire, with those who are looking for help and support and answers. All you have to do is ask.

Use the Ask Judith page to publish your questions. Or the contact page which sends me a private email. I will reply on my blog (anonymously) or maybe by email to you if that’s more appropriate. I may even ask if you’d like a quick chat on Skype if I need more info in order to be able to do justice to your question.

You will be helping me gather together a huge long list of questions that people like us have about working for ourselves and accelerating our success and profits. Oh, and money. Don’t let’s forget money. That’s my special gift which I would love to share with you. And I know lots too about marketing your own small business. I’ve had to learn all these things the hard way but you don’t have to. You’ve got me!

So, what’s on your mind? And how can I help? No question is too big or too small and none will be regarded as silly, honest. If I don’t know I might know someone else who does or be able to recommend some other free resources to you.


Your Biz Your Way

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