Alternative Small Business Marketing Ideas

ApplesOne of my colleagues is an ace networker, puts me to shame. It’s her gift, her USP and from the very earliest times I have been encouraging her to make a business out of it. We are getting close now but she cannot see how magical she is when it comes to making connections. Of course, it helps that she is a Supporter profile in the Wealth Dynamics profiling system.

It seems to me that every time she leaves the house, she meets some magical person. That simply doesn’t happen to me, nor would I want it to. This reminds me that we are all different and, given that, we each have our unique role to play in making the world go around.

This woman’s stock in trade is people, which is just as it should be for a Supporter. To be with people in a magical way, to know everyone and connect them up, is to be in her flow. Now all she needs to work out is how to leverage that natural talent into a lucrative business. I know lots of ways that could work but my colleague is a little reluctant. But I am on the case(!).

I frequently get messages from her about the wonderful people she’s met and what’s brilliant is that she doesn’t have a particular type of wonderful person, she sees the wonderfulness in all people. But there are certain places where she finds out more wonderful things than most and where a great deal of her magical connections are made – The Apple Store.

So today I suggested she move her business in, lock, stock and barrel. And when I suggested it, I was joking. But afterwards I thought why not? If being a Supporter and leveraging my network of connections was my business and I made all my best connections in The Apple Store, why not move in there, why not hang out there more often, as much as I could bear?

What equivalent alternative marketing idea would work in your business?

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