Always Do Your Favourite Things On Your Birthday

Today my youngest nephew is 21. Cheers!

Where have those two decades gone?┬áThe Christmas immediately before he was born, I went to visit his parents and his older brother and sister in Tokyo and while I was gone, my flat was burgled. I was devastated as times were hard then too and my grandmother’s beautiful engagement ring was one of the losses.

The April after he was born my father died. I’ve been without a father for two decades and he without a grandfather he ever knew, though my Dad at least knew him.

By strange co-incidence, my nephew has chosen as the venue for his party tonight my father’s old gentleman’s club in St James’s. At 57 I think I am too young for this place, so I wonder what is the appeal for someone of his age? No doubt I shall find out later tonight. Life is nothing if not a voyage of discovery.

And 1992 was the year I did my IVA and lost both my properties and began an adventure of nearly sixteen years back in the wilderness that is renting your own home. But boy did I live in some lovely and glamorous places during that time, Marylebone High Street and Canary Wharf and Clapham Common Northside to name but three beautiful homes. So, no regrets.

What is it about life that it passes so quickly and what to tell my nephew tonight at his party about what’s important in this life?

According to the new book I am about to start reading with Marion and the Club 100, it is gratitude, love and forgiveness. But were those the things I was interested in at 21? No. So what are the chances of my being able to interest my nephew in those tonight at his birthday party? So close to zero I shan’t even try.

His passion is golf and I am sure he will have squeezed in a birthday round of 18 holes today. That’s some advice I can give him; always do your favourite things on your birthday and any day on which you do your favourite things is like another birthday. I am so grateful he has a passion and so much more besides.

  • Life is a wonderful voyage of discovery
  • Time passes all too quickly; use it wisely and have no regrets
  • Indulge your passions on a daily basis (if you can get away with it!)


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