Amplifiers of Goodness

I writing to share with you some stories of clients being nice to one another. And not just nice for nice’s sake as women especially often seem programmed to be, but nice in genuine and wise ways from which I too learned.

The first was in Club 100 where one beloved client asked us to review and critique the copy on a web page. I did and then so did another client and what broke out next was a mutual admiration exchange. What this helped me to realise was that for one human being to clearly state to another what they appreciate about each other is enormously valuable, not least because we tend to take our own strengths and talents very much for granted.

It reminded me that beauty and admiration is very much in the eyes and ears of the beholder, especially when it comes to art and music, but also how good it is too to have a strong sense of self which this feedback simply bolsters, as I wrote about last week.

I realised that our brilliance is in our difference, and that is our gift to each other. I shared that thought and explained further that I didn’t just mean within Club 100 but in every dimension of our lives – as people, as women, as business owners and as supporters of each other’s work on request, as on this occasion.

Just think on’t for a moment. Our brilliance is in our difference. Our value to each other is that we are unique. Client #1 was as strong as client #2 but in completely different ways, and that is all the more valuable in the feedback as it doesn’t come from someone who sees life in the same way or operates in the same way either, except perhaps when it comes to values and culture.

Your brilliance is in your difference.

The second story happened in my I Love My Life group where one member shared something which brought a little tear to my eye and another powerful realisation. These little thoughts and observations seem at once so simple and yet so profound. I love that very much indeed.

After one of the most difficult periods of her life, C shared that she was grateful for some of the simple joys of life including her own bed, time and space to do things which are important to her, sunshine and spring plants. Moving enough even before A stepped in with her own realisation, that C’s message came at a time when A was looking at a pile of chores and feeling some resentment. C’s gratitude prompted in A a change of thought and heart leading to an appreciation of so much to be grateful for, even in the midst of chaos and conflicting emotions.

A is a wordsmith and she summed it up beautifully when she said “sharing your own gratitude with others, particularly when you are having a tough time, is a very kind and generous thing to do”. Yes, it is. There’s a thought to grab onto for immediate and future use.

There we have it, one wonderful woman doing a lovely thing for another simply by being vulnerable and sharing her mixed emotions. And again I really don’t see this as one woman being nice for the sake of being nice in response, it was a genuine learning point leading to a useful change of perspective in one fast minute. Not just for A, but for all of us looking on.

My being able to see and share these lovely exchanges inspires me to feel more able to go looking for reasons to be grateful and share them, especially when I don’t feel like it, and to ask for help and support when I do feel like it but don’t want to appear vulnerable. There is enormous value in both realisations, and not just for me but also for others, perhaps especially for others as it informs my work with you, my clients.

The ripples spread outwards.

Today and during these next few weeks and always, how and where can you share your gratitude, your vulnerability and your brilliant difference in a way which will support and inspire others, and make our world just a tiny bit kinder?

Good intentions are good, obviously. But I’m pretty sure that neither of these women saw what would follow on from their request and their share, which just serves to remind us to be open to magical synchronicities from all forms of communication with our fellow human beans who so often – at least in my world – appear to be amplifiers of goodness.

You don’t know who you help by going first, and you may never know.

Do it for you.

Do it for us.

Your Biz Your Way

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