An Abundance of Gifts from Generous Clients

SCR056Recently I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of an abundance of gifts from generous clients. I do not invite or solicit or expect gifts. No gifts are required. If you are a client, please do not immediately rush to send me something. Honest!

However I do think it is important to be grateful and therefore I am going to list the gifts incoming and be thankful for them.

One of my clients makes crafty things. She sent me a little pink duvet for Mitsy. Mitsy studiously ignored it except once to be sick on it. Cats! However, I lay it out on my bed for her every day in an attempt to save my beautiful White Company sheets from the cat hair and sometimes, when I am stingy with the heat, she deigns to use it. I even discovered that my cleaner hoovers it. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that one of my clients MADE me something. Can you imagine how that feels? She’s a pretty abundant bird, this one, because she recently sent me another gift, £800 quid’s worth of paper napkins which looks like bank notes. Right up my rue those, like the million pound notes I have on my vision board.

Thank you, Rachael.

I receive a lot of books. Please don’t send books, I am 100% digital, a Kindle girl through and through. The books I make an exception for are those written by clients where I feature in the acknowledgements and which have been personally inscribed to me. But even those will be paid forward when I’ve read them. What could be better than to hold in your hand the creative outpourings of a client? They put me to shame. I’ve coached so many through writing books and am yet to publish my own “real” book, my seminal work. I am following a lot of authors and reading about an author right now and one day, one day, one day.

Thank you, Lucy and Heena. Heena also sent flowers. They were wonderful, lasted way longer than the promised 7 days although we did have a bit of fun and games with delivery, what with me not finding them under the hedge where the courier had allegedly dropped the first lot.

Chocolate brownies. Now you are talking! Consumables. These are my favourite gifts. Not brownies per say, but anything which doesn’t eventually become clutter in my minimalist travelling-light world. Cherry flavoured chocolate brownies. Again, can you imagine anything nicer? You probably can. I can’t. Got me right where I live.

Thank you, Sarah.

Daffodils. A box of these arrived from Cornwall yesterday and are springing into life on my window ledge. After pink, yellow is one of my favourite colours because it is SO cheering. These were a thank-you for an interview I gave last week by another writing a book. The card which came with the flowers said I would probably think these are unnecessary. Quite right. I would. That woman got me in one hour-long interview, then! All gifts are unnecessary, but that’s not why we give is it? And it shouldn’t be the spirit in which I receive.

So, thank you, another Sarah.

I get lots of thank you cards. These are very nice indeed. They say heartfelt things like the image which goes with this post, things about those who bring sunshine into the life of others. Feel free to send these any time.

My favourite gift of all? A testimonial. It’s digital, see. And I can use it to share your experience of working with me in a way which might encourage another to do the same. A virtuous circle. The gift which keeps on giving. Here’s one I received recently:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the hour of your time yesterday. Being new to this entrepreneurial world, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect from a call with a business coach, especially one being offered for free.

I was reassured by noticing that you’d taken the time to look me up on social media, and that you’d connected with me straight away. I felt loved! And from the moment we started chatting, I felt like you really wanted to get to know me and my business. You helped me clear away some of the brain fog, confirming some of my thoughts and gently leading me round to what I knew I needed to do but couldn’t admit.

I feel like I’ve got a renewed focus and clarity – and I spent all night lying awake with my head buzzing with exciting plans and thoughts. So thank you for the sleepless night (!) and for the sound perspective. I’ve already recommended you to several people in similar situations.

Thank you! And watch this space!”

Thank you, Bella.

Gifts, Lovelies. You shouldn’t have. But I am happy that you did.

And without wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, as my Mother would have said, may all my gifts be digital, consumable or pay forward-able.

PS If your gift does not feature in this post, dinna worry. I am saving it for another day and savouring it the meanwhile. x

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