An Abundance of Hidden Surprises and Delights

Yesterday I emailed just over 300 people to tell them I was back from my gap year and inviting them to join in with all sorts of things I’m up to. I received nice almost instant replies from Beryl, Sue and Sile saying yes please, good wishes from Mike & Steve, and confusion from Emma. I banged off instant invitations to B, S and S and was a little deflated that so few had noticed.   There, you see, that’s what happens if you buzz off for a year. The hole grows over.

It didn’t occur to me that yesterday I was using my big computer where my emails are apparently configured differently (who knew?) until I opened my laptop this morning only to discover to my surprise and delight that I had a handful of comments on my blog, a couple of people who wanted me to answer their questions on Ask Judith, an invitation from a colleague who wants me to write 500 words for her blog, another handful of people wanting to join the Money-Making Magic group and a gorgeous unsolicited testimonial from Lucy entitled “glad you are back”, see below. So today I have banged off invitations to Dawn, Anna, Alison, Kerry, Lucy, Sara & Carolyn. Lovely to see you all again too, Ladies!

And quite of lot of the loveliness which showed up in my inbox said “and I was just thinking about you too!” My, ain’t life grand?

Lucy says I may share with you what she wrote:

“I spoke to you several years ago on the phone and took your advice to ‘just do one’, buy a Buy-To-Let that is, which I did in Bristol and it is fine. I am a self-employed therapist and trainer, also running a small EAP. Off sick today for first time in years, I woke from a nap, came to computer actually wondering about you and your gap year, and got message you are back. So I am just acknowledging how cool that is!”  Lucy xx

Lucy, it’s cooler than you know. Cooler than an icy-cool thing. Silkier than Silky the Silkworm’s silk pyjamas. I’ll stop now as I’m in danger of euphoria. Who needs a drink on a Friday night when you have the delicious feedback of your virtual pals?

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