An Abundance of Time: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Thirteen

Clock Reading Five O'ClockI have an abundance of time. It’s an affirmation as well as a fact. Last week I agreed with a client that we would find a way to work three hours a day and no more. It’s a challenge, I tell you.

It would mean that Monday would be given over to the check-in reports and the Facebook group for Club 100. And on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings I would be limit myself to three hours’ coaching, twelve hours in total each week. And on Friday I would have three hours for all my weekly marketing, which really isn’t enough to write 7 blogs and a newsletter but it is enough time to write a great newsletter.

This would push my daily blog into the category of hobby, not work. I could make that work but it would be “cheating” I feel.

Let me see how this feels…I know I only work 8+ hours a day because I can. I know that, of late, my body has been complaining about how much time I spend sitting at the computer screen so I am more than up for this in principle. I just need to find a way to clear the decks. I am rather over-committed for July and possibly for August too but I think I could begin this from 1st September if not sooner.

Right now I am working my life away. I teach clients every day about how to have a wonderful life now while they are also building their businesses, and authenticity requires that I do the same. Working only three hours a day would allow more time for reading and walking and being with friends and going on little adventures or even on some great big ones.

Do you feel short of time and always busy, busy, busy? He’s an exercise which might help. Draw a grid on a piece of paper which is six boxes by 5, representing the next thirty years of your life. Then label each box with the year e.g. 2014 or your age e.g. 59 (in my example). Then fill into each box with everything you have planned for this year and next and the year after that. Then see how much time you have left over, usually about twenty seven years!

We have loads of time. We just have to decide to make better decisions about what we fill our days with. It has to be magical, big and important work and the rest has to get done by someone else or go undone because it simply doesn’t matter.

If you could only work for three hours a day, what are the most powerful things you’d be doing in your business, the ones which make all the difference and bring in the money?

I have a sense that I could probably bring my workload down from about 8+ hours a day to five quite soon. I think I need about two hours a day on top of those three outlined above, the two being for a blog post and some online marketing and emails which are an important part of my business. Then I would still have three hours spare wouldn’t I? For sitting in the sunshine and driving to the park for a walk and meeting friends for coffee.

I am going to make some changes round here across the next six weeks and implement this plan as soon as I can but no later than 1st September. Let me know how you are going to work smarter and in a more time-efficient way.


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