An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: A is for Abundance

Abundance E. TolleThere is always enough. There has always been enough. There will always be enough.   If you think about it, this has always been your life experience. If there were not “enough”, you wouldn’t be reading this. But Abundance is not about enough, its about plenty. Plenty for all of us and more than enough for many, a superfluity, a profusion, a copious supply.

Thanks to the woo woo reading and energy work/EFT in which I have participated over the last few years, abundance is now my reality. Does that mean I don’t occasionally catch myself on being scarce about something? No. Just try to get your hands on my Walnut Whips and you will see, I am not yet sure there is a copious supply of those in the world!

All jokes aside, some of us have less than we would like and quite a lot of us were brought up in scarce conditions. For myself, I was born just ten years after the war with parents who had lived and fought through it, farming grandparents who had lived through two wars and abundance was not their life experience. This sort of upbringing can result in a mentality of lack which may belie the truth sometimes, their real life experience was of rations and shortages, hardship, death and loss. Equally both generations also enjoyed good times, plenty, even excess too. Farming is hard graft but it also connects you with the beauties and wonder of nature and, in those days, the best of natural foods home-grown by a large and happy family connected by a common purpose. Despite the wars, life was grand.

But these days abundance can be a choice, at least in the Western world.  I would say it could also be a choice globally if that weren’t so glib. I have no experience of living in the Third World or of their expectations and disappointments, but each of us has plenty to appreciate in the world’s natural order, rain, sunshine, fresh air, family and friends for starters and a simple life with plenty of time, three score years and ten although equally I appreciate that many may have any or all of this abundance all of the time.

Many hard things can also feel good if you take on an abundant frame of mind and appreciate them, having work for example.   The very act and energy of appreciation attracts more good things but do remember to appreciate and give energy only to those things you of which you want. What are you grateful for, right now? Perhaps something you take for granted, even curse? What’s the gift in that cursed thing?

What have I found most useful in bringing abundance into my life?   Tithing, giving money away, raising large sums of money for charity with ease, a gratitude journal, counting my blessings, turning my beliefs around to see, feel and enjoy the abundance everywhere.   And watching Lynne Twist talk about The Soul of Money.  Oh and my weird and wonderful Abundance Fountain.

When you seem to be stuck most in lack is when I would encourage you most to count your blessings, give something away in the certain knowledge it will be returned to you in spades, and to tithe however little you can manage, perhaps time to start with. Ultimately it is important to give away and tithe what you would like to experience more of in your own life, so if you want more money, for example, give away more money.

You might choose to start with clearing your clutter as a way to create a space for what you do want. Sandy Forster recommends that strategy in her book Wildly Wealthy Fast. I would also commend to you Sandy’s affirmations which I have practised for a goodly chunk of my life at 20 minutes a day and I still have the CD in my car for emergency low moments. Do please allow yourself to trust that you are provided for, that there is more than enough.

My colleague and friend Marion Ryan once got us all experimenting with giving away a dollar a day although obviously its a pound where I live and a euro where Marion was living at the time.   Not only is this fun, but if you choose to participate you will find out exactly how abundance works first hand.   Its fun and, as I said to Marion, I can’t resist fun! As soon as you can allow yourself to believe that we truly live in an abundant Universe, you will be showered every day with evidence.   And if you deliberately look for that evidence in a daily gratitude practice, even more abundance will find you until you are overflowing with more of everything you want – more money, more time, more love, more peace, more friendship. Just remember to give first, then trust and allow.

Whatever you want, if you practice gratitude and generosity then it is my belief that abundance will be yours. Abundance is not just a belief in my own life, its now a fact and one for which I am very grateful indeed. What does Abundance mean to you? How does it show up in your life? What would you like more of and what do you plan to give first?

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