An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: D is for Dreams

To dream the Impossible Dream.   No, I am not going to repeat those lyrics here today, just wanted to start you off with that heroic anthem to get the feel of this post right.   To set up to work for yourself is a dream and I would be the first to admit that at times it is quite impossible, many aspects of it – marketing, clients, pricing, bank managers, accountants, HMRC (don’t start me), how long have you got?

But if you are a regular to this column you will know I am not one for dwelling in the negative.

It may be a dream, Old Loves, but a dream well worth going for.   And here’s the important bit – dream it in colour, in full glorious technicolour.    For dream read vision and get yours going good and proper and, as Paul McKenna would say, turn up the sound and the emotion and the colour and see what you would see, hear what you would hear, feel what you would feel, smell what would smell and taste what you would taste the day that dream comes true.   Savour the senses of Your Dream.

Following TUT’s advice, spend just a few moments a day relishing every detail of that dream and it will be upon you sooner than you can possibly imagine.   Or not.   Maybe precisely as soon as you can commit to imagining it, then all you have to do is ask, allow and download.   Its yours for the taking (provided you put in the work too!).

I can tell you I’ve done this once in my Money Gym work.   I visualised my 50th birthday and it came true on my 49th in all but one detail.   So I know thus stuff works.   And I wish I could hang around here talking dreams all night, but frankly a girl’s gotta go off and do some visualising, some snoozing and some dreaming.   I find this stuff is done well just before bedtime or just as you are waking.  

As you fall into the arms of Morpheus with the vision on the tip of your consciousness, all the better for internalising it , shortly to live it.   Can you feel it?   I can.   And if I stretch on my tippytoes, I can see yours too – often before you can believe it.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Donna James says:

    I love Paul McKenna and particularly his “I can make you rich” CD which I have put onto my iPod and occasionally listen to when I get into bed. I did this last night, the first time for many months and was really looking forward to it. Sadly though, I missed all the lovely visualization bits! I remember the first bit and then Paul counting 3-2-1 to bring me back to consciousness! Hopefully my subconscious enjoyed the experience!