An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: E is for Energy

I can easily measure how interested I am in a project, and thus how successful it’s likely to be, if I check out my energy levels when I think about it or attempt to work on it.   If I can’t raise any energy to do something (anything!) about a project, then it simply ain’t going to happen or if it happens its most unlikely to be successful.   Don’t push it, don’t force it.

Do they call this biofeedback?   Whatever, my body is giving my signs and signals, valuable feedback about how I really feel about something.   I might think something’s a good idea, but am I really prepared to put any work in it, am I motivated or energised by the opportunity?

What’s on your To Do List that you aren’t moving forward?   How energetic do you feel when you think about it?   What happens in your body?   Do you notice your energy levels rise or fall?   If you get That Sinking Feeling, I don’t think it matters how great an idea is, it simply isn’t going to get done.   And probably all for the best; trust that body wisdom, if often knows better than we think we do.

People have often admired my energy and I know that people hang around me to feed off it.   What’s important as I get older is to harness it, appreciate it, bless it, husband it and use it wisely for the highest good.   And this helps me because as I recognise how precious this finite resource is, I cannot afford to waste energy needlessly.  

It’s a bit like running the tap while brushing your teeth.   We used to do it all the time when we were younger but now we know better.   We don’t waste a natural resource which we have come increasingly to value.

How’s your energy?   What reduces your tank, what replenishes it?  Leave a comment.

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