An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: F is for Focus

I am a serial entrepreneur.   Don’t be fooled into thinking this is A Good Thing.   It isn’t.   It just makes it harder for me to make each brilliant idea I have into a successful business which generates profits.   Now some of us Creator/Scanners would say that the idea alone is sufficient.   Yeah, I hear where you are coming from, I too get a buzz out of each new idea, and the more I release the more come.   But the accountant in me simply won’t let us get away with this.   For me, its turning them into profit centres that counts.

Over my years as a businesswoman my focus has been getting shorter; twenty years as an accountant, two years as a travel agent, less than one as a stress management consultant and so on and I’m not proud of this.   Although business coaching has sustained me for a number of years, I am moving on already into wealth coaching and investment agency, debt advice , property investment etc.   And as a business coach I started out with the firm conviction that the right thing to encourage my entrepreneurs to do was focus.

And then I lost my way with this idea a bit, mad for ideas, good new ideas from me or from my clients.   But I have reverted because when I look at the results I can see that only those of us who can bring focus to one idea at a time have any hope of reaping the rewards we deserve.

There is a real-world part of us which needs income as a reward or measurement of how good our idea is.   And its only by focussing on the business process which brings that idea to fruition and to a point where people can buy it (or not!) which proves whether or not we were right in the degree to which we rate that idea.   There are ways to short-cut that process so you dont work too hard or too long before you ask the market if they like you idea; don’t make it perfect before you have done some market research.

Its exactly the same as more creative pursuits, say musicianship or art.   If you play the piano or paint, you can do both of those for your own enjoyment only or you can offer your talent up to an audience who might pay to listen to you play or to have your painting on their walls.   If you play or paint and no-one ever hears or sees, have you created at all?   If you create an idea and don’t make  it available to consumers, have you created anything at all?   What makes it “real”?   Not necessarily money, but some feedback or approprobation, surely?   Or are you afraid to ask?

So my advice is to pick your best idea and focus on it to the exclusion of all else until you have launched it and are drawing a regular income stream from it.   Only then should you go on to begin to focus on your next idea.   In The Money Gym, we call this Serial Focus!

What will you choose and pledge to focus on first?   Share your project with us here, do.

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