An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: G is for Gratitude

I touched on it last Monday in my post about Abundance, what three things are you grateful for today?   Marion and I often begin our almost-daily Tapping sessions with that.
  1. So today I am grateful for what’s shaping up to be a brilliant British summer – even if it’s just confined to this week, I have roses blooming outside my front door in the sunshine, yay!   See my photo below.
  2. I’m grateful for the Blogging Challenge as I’m loving all this writing I’m obliged to do.   Actually, as I say that, I am realising I love rising to the challenge as much as doing the writing.
  3. And right now I’m grateful for The Money Gym as that project is bringing forth some of my most creative ideas this week.

Of course, I could go on, there are so many things to be grateful for when you look for them.   But I won’t… over to you, what are you grateful for?   Do leave a comment and share your gratitude. What goes around comes around.

Judith's Pink Roses

Judith's Pink Roses

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