An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: H is for Heart

I’m all Heart and its mainly to my detriment it often seems to me.   Would I have it any other way?   No, I dont think so although I do try to toughen up sometimes and recently an old friend of mine paid me a great compliment in saying that I was becoming very black and white.   Result, thinks Mrs Marshamallow!

But this isn’t the sense in which I mean to write about Heart today.   What I want you to do is bring your heart to work, bring heart to your business.  How is this a good thing?

I think we must love our work and our clients and if we don’t, I feel we might consider finding something else to do.   But although heart and love are inextricably linked, I’m not talking about Love today, that’s Friday’s posting.  

My heart lets me know if something is right or wrong.   If something is honest and authentic, or not.   If I am right to do something in a certain way or not.   I suppose it must be a close relative of instinct which is mainly attributed to the Gut.     They are but a couple of inches apart, maybe less.

And for me, heart is closely related to soul as well.   Although profits are very important to me, they are not paramount.   I want to feel that the work I do makes a difference; I don’t think I am alone in that.   If the work you do cuts you off from your heart and soul, you become deadened.   I am sure you have been there?   I hope you are not still there.  

My head leads me to work and to different projects but if I am not connected by my heart, I won’t stay, I won’t see it through.

I realise what a luxury this is, but I hope I am addressing the entrepreneur in you as you read this. If the time is not right for you today to be bringing your heart to your entrepreneurial activities because circumstances have you trapped, for now, in something less than ideal, I hope you will bear this in mind for the future.   I hope you will visualise work which does involve your heart and I hope you will find a way to employ your heart in your current work to the extent that you are allowed.

Courage, mes braves!   I firmly feel that more heart can only be good for our small business world and I think – despite the heartlessness all around us – that there is also plenty of evidence in support of my theory if you only but look.   Perhaps you could look with your heart, always remembering that what we watch out for increases?

Here’s to lots more Heart for all of us.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Gill Brabner says:

    Great post as always Judith. But I had to comment on you being black and white – I really think that should be black, white and pink! For me the ‘heart’ in any work is what gives it meaning, and work that has meaning brings its own energy to inspire us.