An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: K is for Karma

What goes around, comes around.  Of that you can be sure.   I see evidence daily, you see it as often as you care to look.   In the olden days they used to say “do as you would be done by”.   Same thing, no spooky Eastern feel.

In this century, when business is increasingly about collaboration, consciousness, planet-saving and so on and all the top companies of the world are piling into that becuase they realise there’s money in it (or no money in it if they dont come onside and pronto), karma isn’t as whacky as it used to be in the Sixties, say.

Businesses need to demonstrate ethics, values and a responsibility to their customers, workforce and the bigger picture.

So, what I recommend is that you sit down and work out what you are sending out into the business ether and whether or not you are not only coming from a place which is instrinsically good, but that you can demonstrate that also.   Big companies call it CSR (corporate social responsibility) and for a long time it was just lip service.   But now, business leaders of the future have this front and centre on their agenda.

What can you do to send out The Love, Karma Chameleon?   And what stories can you share of karma at work in your business?   Leave a comment.

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