An Entrepreneur’s Alphabet: M is for Money

Money, yum!   My stock in trade.   It’s taken an AGE to get to my favourite topic in my Entrepreneur’s Alphabet.   Although I’ve worked in money all my life, most of my career has been dedicated to looking after other people’s money at the expense of my own.   Now, blissfully, the two are intertwined.   In my work at The Money Gym, I have to go first and make myself rich and then spend the rest of my time helping others achieve the same.

I’m enjoying a bit of a purple patch right now with The Money Gym, and my creativity is bursting forth with lots of brilliant ideas to move our business on, keep us fresh for our clients, invent enough new stuff to keep me and Nicola in the Creator zone and help our clients make more money more easily.   So many people struggle with money and that was my early journey too.

“Money’s nothing; its just a way of keeping score” is a favourite quote of mine attributed to all and sundry, including Trump.   It doesnt matter who said it, and you can imagine it tripping lightly off the tongue of someone who has plenty of it, can’t you?   Yes, you could say money is a game, if you like games.   Learning about it and creating it in business, and saving and investing it, and debtbusting and busting the beliefs we were brought up with are all part of it.   Part of the fun of money.

What do you feel about money?   Is that even relevant?   There are so many things I have learned in the last handful of years which I wasn’t born knowing, principles it would have served me to known when I left school.   But I have no regrets, its the learning and the journey that’s the fun bit.   Accumulating piles of cash is nice too!   This can be learned by anyone – pick up a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki at your local library and you are away.

Make money important but not the be all and end all; it is a way of keeping score and having fun, but it also buys a comfy lifestyle, pays the bills and helps others.   I was reminded last week of Mary Hunt’s Five Things To Do With Money (note the order):   Give it, Save It, Invest It, Lend It, Spend it.

Money’s an energy – keep it flowing.

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